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We found 553 results matching your criteria.
Diabetes Supplies
Diabetes Supplies
The diabetes supplies that we offer help make blood glucose monitoring easy. From lancets that retract permanently after use to control solution for accuracy testing, the diabetes supplies that you need are listed here. Click Here to Read More..
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Blood Glucose Meter OneTouch Ultra Blood Glucose Meter OneTouch Ultra

Lifescan : 022965EA

List Price: $0.08
Our Price: 0.06
You save $0.02!
Lancet Unistik Lancet Unistik

Owen Mumford Inc. : AT 0710EA

List Price: $0.64
Our Price: 0.46
Logbook Diabetic Logbook Diabetic

Lifescan : LFS052289

List Price: $2.79
Our Price: 1.71
You save $1.08!
Omnis Health Lancet

Omnis Health : SHN02GM0123BX

List Price: $2.49
Our Price: 1.78
You save $0.71!
McKesson Twist Lancets

McKesson : 16032401

List Price: $2.60
Our Price: 1.86
Lancet McKesson Needle 28 Gauge, 100/ea

McKesson : 20512400

List Price: $2.65
Our Price: 1.89
You save $0.76!
Biosense Solus V2 Lancing Device Solus V2

Biosense Medical Devices : 8611-505001EA

List Price: $3.08
Our Price: 2.20
You save $0.88!
Classic Twist Off Lancet

Boca Medical Products : BMP08326281001BX

List Price: $3.28
Our Price: 2.34
EasyTouch Twist Lancet 33G (100 count)

MHC Medical LLC : EZ833101

List Price: $8.21
Our Price: 2.35
You save $5.86!
Nipro Diagnostics TRUEplus Glucose

Nipro Diagnostics : P1H01RS-10BT

List Price: $3.33
Our Price: 2.38
Lancet Prodigy Twist Top Lancet Prodigy Twist Top

Prodigy Diabetes Care LLC : 24-081028BX

List Price: $3.36
Our Price: 2.40
Lancing Device Pen Style Lancing Device Pen Style

Medicore Medical Supply : 20PSBLEA

List Price: $3.52
Our Price: 2.52
You save $1.00!
Medline General Purpose Lancets Medline General Purpose Lancets

Medline : MPH100030Z

List Price: $4.20
Our Price: 2.53
You save $1.67!
Nestle Healthcare Nutrition Boost Glucose Control Oral Supplement

Nestle Nutritional : 36010000EA

List Price: $3.70
Our Price: 2.64
EasyTouch Twist Lancet 28G (100 count)

MHC Medical LLC : EZ828101

List Price: $8.21
Our Price: 2.70
You save $5.51!
Arkray USA Techlite Lancet

Arkray : 880128BX

List Price: $4.03
Our Price: 2.88
You save $1.15!
Go Lightly Sugar-Free Candy for Diabetics

Hillside Candy : HLS408

List Price: $4.14
Our Price: 2.96
Go Lightly Sugar-Free Candy for Diabetics

Hillside Candy : HLS411

List Price: $4.14
Our Price: 2.96
Can Am Care Dex4 Glucose

McKesson : 38396052363EA

List Price: $4.23
Our Price: 3.02
Solution Cntrl Embrace Lo Solution Cntrl Embrace Lo

Omnis Health LLC : APX02AB0310EA

List Price: $4.24
Our Price: 3.03
You save $1.21!
Invacare 30 Gauge Lancet Invacare 30 Gauge Lancet

Invacare Supply Group : ISG171281A

List Price: $4.41
Our Price: 3.04
You save $1.37!

Moore Medical Glucose

Moore Medical : 90307PK

List Price: $4.70
Our Price: 3.36
You save $1.34!
Accu-Chek Advantage Self Test Diary 5900504 Accu-Chek Advantage Self Test Diary

Roche Diagnostics : 5900504

List Price: $4.77
Our Price: 3.54
You save $1.23!
Arkray USA Techlite Twist Top

Arkray : 880125BX

List Price: $5.01
Our Price: 3.58
You save $1.43!
Biosense Sol Control Solus V2 Low

Biosense Medical Devices : 8611-506101EA

List Price: $5.21
Our Price: 3.72
You save $1.49!
Nipro Diagnostics TRUEplus Glucose

Nipro Diagnostics : P2H01FP-01TU

List Price: $5.29
Our Price: 3.78
Twist Lancets Twist Lancets

Mckesson : 16-028-100BX

List Price: $5.60
Our Price: 4.00
You save $1.60!
BD Microtainer Safety Lancet

Becton-Dickinson : 368101EA

List Price: $5.94
Our Price: 4.24
You save $1.70!
Unilet(R) ExecLite II Lancet Unilet(R) ExecLite II Lancet

Owen Mumford : OWNAT0535

List Price: $6.23
Our Price: 4.29
You save $1.94!
Cntrl Sol Bld Glucose Cntrl Sol Bld Glucose

Pharmacy Supply Inc. : BMB003EA

List Price: $6.47
Our Price: 4.62
You save $1.85!
Control Solution Blood Glucose Control Solution Blood Glucose

Bionime Usa Corp : 99GC555G01EA

List Price: $6.63
Our Price: 4.74
You save $1.89!
Invacare Lancing Device Invacare Lancing Device

Invacare Supply Group : ISG171510

List Price: $6.95
Our Price: 4.79
Meter Glucose Fora Gd20 Meter Glucose Fora Gd20

Links Medical Products Inc. : GD20FM01EA

List Price: $6.79
Our Price: 4.85
You save $1.94!
Nipro Diagnostics TRUEplus Lancet

Nipro Diagnostics : 743500BX

List Price: $7.00
Our Price: 5.00
Sol Cntrl Embrace L2 High Sol Cntrl Embrace L2 High

Omnis Health LLC : APX02AB0311EA

List Price: $8.31
Our Price: 5.94
Auto-Lancet Auto-Lancet

Medline Industries, Inc. : SEI100201Z

List Price: $8.76
Our Price: 6.04
You save $2.72!

Prodigy Twist Top Lancets 28g

Prodigy Diabetes Care : DDI990328

List Price: $8.68
Our Price: 6.20
You save $2.48!
Prodigy Glucose Control Solution Low

Prodigy Diabetes Care : DDI990310

List Price: $9.38
Our Price: 6.35
You save $3.03!

Mckesson : AT0535BX

List Price: $9.39
Our Price: 6.70
You save $2.69!
Unilet ComforTouch Lancet

Owen Mumford : OWNAT0465A

List Price: $9.66
Our Price: 6.90
You save $2.76!

Diabetes Supplies

Over the years, technology and medical innovation have helped to make diabetes a very manageable condition, and great strides have been made in the area of diabetes supplies.

The market for diabetes supplies has expanded in recent years as more and more insurance companies provide coverage for items necessary for the well-being of diabetics. Some supplies are for easier monitoring like the safety lancet and test strips, while other products are designed to provide more comfort.

For example, there are many different varieties of diabetic socks now available that are modeled to better fit the diabetic foot with a looser weave that allows circulation while still providing firm arch, lateral and medial support.

More People Have Diabetes Than Ever Before

The simple fact is that advances in diabetic supplies are growing to meet increased demand for more specialized, well-designed and value-priced products. Diabetes is now a part of more peoples’ lives than ever before and the tools that help monitor glucose levels and provide comfort to diabetics have evolved to do so more efficiently and with much more precision.

Here Are The Numbers

Research provided by the National Diabetes Clearinghouse (NDIC) indicates that 10.9 million Americans aged 65 or older had diabetes in 2010, and that as many as 79 million aged 20 or older had pre-diabetes. The NDIC also reported that diabetes is “the leading kidney failure, non-traumatic lower-limb amputations, and new cases of blindness among adults in the United States.”

These are staggering statistics that emphasize the need for accurate monitoring and testing equipment. Diabetes can be a very serious threat, but with the proper supplies in hand people who live with diabetes have nothing to fear.

Our line of lancets, solutions, organizers, tests strips and diabetic socks are priced with you in mind, because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price.

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