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SND365000   Diabetisource AC
NES36582000   Diabetisource AC Formula
50362601   Diabetisource AC Formula - 250 mL Cans
W-A97100M   Diagnostic Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope Set
MDS616101AZ   Diagnostic Tab Electrodes
ARD00886   Dial Aerosol Deodorant
CE 1400   Dial-A-Speed Tabs
KND8964   DialySafety Dialysis Sharps Disposal Containers with Rotor & Hinged Opening Lid
MDTHR8D04BEI   Diamond Waffle Weave Patient Robes, Beige
MDT0408MON2XB   Diamond Waffle Weave Patient Robes, Latex Free, Beige
MDTHR8D04WHI   Diamond Waffle Weave Patient Robes, White
MCLDPCBK   DiaPak Classic Diabetic Travel Organizer
42393101   Diaper Dignity Compose
NON131000   Die-Cast Chrome Pill Crusher
6640369000   Digger Dog Pedatric Nebulizer Kit
JB02007   Digi02 Finger Pulse Oximeter
JB02008   DigiOx Finger Pulse Oximeter
BCI3420Y   Digit Finger Oximeter
IRC600   Digit Finger Pulse Oximeter
ISG8610   Digit-Ox2 Pulse Oximeter
HB500KL   Digital Beam Scale
MPH07SC1   Digital Chair Scale
AGF-5X   Digital Dual Channel 5 Mode TENS Unit
AGF-6X   Digital Electronic Muscle Stimulator with Timer
HB800KL   Digital Floor Scale
HOM800KL-PK   Digital Floor Scale 4/Pk Healthometer 4/Pk
HOM2101   Digital Handrail Patient Scale
RB50   Digital Laundry 50 lb. Scale with Dual Display - Legal for Trade
LF1009A   Digital Lift Scale
14152500   Digital Oral / Rectal Thermometer
13046   Digital Patient Lift Scale
HOM553   Digital Pediatric Scale
HLM500KL   Digital Physician Scale
HLM599KL   Digital Physician Waist-High Scale
RB2000   Digital Price Computing 60 lb. Scale with Dual Display Legal for Trade
MDS9608   Digital Rectal Sheaths
MDS9652   Digital Rectal Thermometers - Premier
73SC100   Digital Scale
MDS9607   Digital Sheaths
HOM2000   Digital Stretcher (In-Bed) Scale
MDTDPSPUMP   Digital Supra DPS Pump
1146   Digital Talking Wrist Bpm Lumiscope
MDS9628   Digital Thermometer & Sheaths Kit
L2013   Digital Thermometer Lot#
15-615-000   Digital Thermometer Probe Covers
2210-2214   Digital Thermometer Two-Pack Lot #
2210   Digital Thermometer/Quick Read Lot #
MDS9650   Digital Thermometers - Premier
MDS9654BZ   Digital Thermometers - Standard
HOM2842   Digital Vet Scale
HOM2500   Digital Wheelchair Ramp Scale
AEUB521   Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
1143   Digital Wrist Watch Bpm Lot#
34048600   Dignity Bed Pad
HUM30073PK   Dignity Beltless Undergarment
HUM30227   Dignity Briefmates Extra Absorbent Pad
30553100   Dignity Doublers Bed Pad
HUM30071PK   Dignity Extra Absorbent Pads
HUM40052PK   Dignity Extra Long Barrier-Free Pad
36800900   Dignity Mattress Protector, Vinyl - 36"x 80"
HUM30312   Dignity Men's Boxer with Built-In Protective Pouch
HUM26955   Dignity Naturals Pads
HUM026982   Dignity Odor Eliminator
HUM16903   Dignity Pant Unisex Reuseable
HUM30089APK   Dignity Plus Adult Fitted Brief
HUM31000   Dignity Plus Bariatric Adult Fitted Brief
HUMMC30071175   Dignity Plus Liners
HUM30094PK   Dignity Plus XX-L Briefs
HUMMC26954180   Dignity Regular Absorbent Disposable Single Pads
HUM026954B   Dignity Regular Duty Pads
HUM16954   Dignity Regular Pads
HUM026905   Dignity Regular Pant
HUM30053PK   Dignity Stackables Pads
30533101   Dignity Stackables Pads, Polymer - Super Absorbent
HUM60074PK   Dignity Super Absorbent Guards
HUM30074PK   Dignity Super Guards
HUM30054PK   Dignity Thin Liners
HUMMC30054180PK   Dignity ThinSerts Pads
HUMMC50072180   Dignity UltraShield Shaped Liner
2868   Dilator Hegar Utern Set-8 Ss Grafco
81512700   Dilotab II Allergy/Sinus Refill Tablets
41162700   Diocto Liquid - Docusate Sodium
BRAD300   DISCOFIX Stopcocks
13124100   Disenfectant CaviWipes Light Duty - Disposable
85064100   Disinfectant / Detergent, Pine-O-Cide II - Liquid 4 Gallon
29284100   Disinfectant Citrus II Liquid - 1 Gallon
77544101   Disinfectant Citrus II Liquid - 22 oz.
CAD380557   Disinfectant Cleaner Degreaser
52094100   Disinfectant Cleaner, SUDS - Liquid 0.5 Gallon
12244100   Disinfectant Lemonkleen - 1 Gallon
CLH68967H   Dispatch Bleach Spray
CLH68970H   Dispatch Disinfectant Spray
CLH69150H   Dispatch Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant Towels
IPT904   Dispenser Pump for Soothe & Cool Gallon Containers
3388-1   Dispenser Soap Foot Pedal Grafco
52601800   Dispenser, Provon FMX-20 - 2000 ml
51601800   Dispenser, Provon TFX - 1250 ml
3486   Dispensing Glass 1 Oz W/Lip Grafco 144/Cs
HUD1770   Disposable and Unfilled Large Volume Nebulizer
NON24288   Disposable Armboards
DYND60415   Disposable Berman Airways
DYND60410H   Disposable Berman Airways, Clear
96201100   Disposable Bib, Tissue / Poly
NON24267C   Disposable Bibs - Crumb Catcher
NON24265   Disposable Bibs - Easy Slipover
98402500   Disposable Biopsy Punches
MDS9722HP   Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs
MDS9725HP   Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs
MDS9753   Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs - Neonatal
MDS9710MQ   Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs with Marquette Connectors
MSC3650065   Disposable Brief Wingfold
MAL6DCFN   Disposable Cannula Cuffless Fenestrated Tracheostomy Tube
MAL4DCFS   Disposable Cannula Cuffless Tracheostomy Tube
SHRR8NH   Disposable Cold Paper Drinking Cups by Solo Cup, Jazz
NON05003Z   Disposable Cold Paper Drinking Cups, Jazz
NON03005H   Disposable Cold Plastic Drinking Cups, Translucent
INVIRC1140A   Disposable Collection Jar
IRC1140   Disposable Collection Jars
NON24339   Disposable Drape Sheets
NON27203L   Disposable Drawstring Pants, 30ea
DYND70102H   Disposable Economy Enema Bag Set
NON27213L   Disposable Elastic Waist Pants, 30ea
DYND70100H   Disposable Enema Bag Set
DYND70104   Disposable Enema Bucket Set
NON24333   Disposable Exam Sheets
NON27209S   Disposable Exam Shorts
9676   Disposable Eye Glasses 25Ea/Bx Grafco
NONFS300   Disposable Face Shields
BRN1332Z   Disposable Facial Razors - Single Blade
BRN1333Z   Disposable Facial Razors - Triple Blade
BRN1313Z   Disposable Facial Razors - Twin Blade
TMPTDISPFANNY   Disposable Fanny Pack
MAL6DFEN   Disposable Fenestrated Tube Set (DFEN)
NON082042   Disposable Foam Wheelchair Cushions
37403100   Disposable Harmonie SecureTuck Underpad - Fluff, Polymer
MDSDHS1   Disposable Head Support Slings
3260H   Disposable Humidifier Bottle
923230   Disposable Humidifiers
HUD3230CS   Disposable Humidifiers
13488200   Disposable Infant Pillow Slipcover, Boppy - 24ea
MAL4DIC   Disposable Inner Cannula (DIC)
MLK6DIC   Disposable Inner Cannula (DIC)
55961000   Disposable Lap Bib, Tissue / Poly
AMB321400000H   Disposable Laryngeal Mask
NON243074   Disposable Limb Holders
NON27036   Disposable Multi Layer Patient Cape
HCS4495   Disposable Nebulizer Kits, Universal
DYN1336   Disposable Pant Liners
NON024214Z   Disposable Paper Souffle Cups, White
NON27046   Disposable Patient Gown
NON27148XL   Disposable Patient Robes, Blue
MDS131020   Disposable Penlights
NON243074H   Disposable Personal Safety Limb Holders
PM1622-10   Disposable Pillows
NON2439322   Disposable Pillows, White
CEXP704OO   Disposable Plastic Bed Pan
PPIH10210   Disposable Plastic Bed Pans
922555   Disposable Plastic Nipple and Nut
KND8884221000BX   Disposable Plastic Probe Covers
NON24244   Disposable Polyethylene Patient Gowns
IRC730   Disposable Probes
BRN1312Z   Disposable Razors
11161700   Disposable Razors - Non Sterile
NON27212S   Disposable Round-Neck Scrub Tops
MDS15210   Disposable Scalpels
NON27212XL   Disposable Scrub Wear - Round Neck Scrub Shirt
NON27202L   Disposable Scrub Wear - V-Neck Scrub Shirt
DYNJ04058H   Disposable Skin Staple Removers
MDS9745   Disposable Soft Cloth Neonatal One Tube Cuff
MDS9543   Disposable Stethoscope
MDS926401   Disposable Stethoscope Cover
66402500   Disposable Stethoscope Medi-Pak Performance Plus
EVO61048   Disposable Suction Canister
BFS1160BACS   Disposable suction canister, 800 cc
DYN4409BX   Disposable Towel Drape - Sterile
88671100   Disposable Towels
24131100   Disposable Towels - 13 X 18 Inch WaterColor s Design
DAL240A   Disposable Trachea Tube Holder
AHP01902000   Disposable tubing For Gomco Suction Equipment
MDS9733   Disposable Two-Tube Cuffs w/ Bulbs and Valves
11483101   Disposable Underpad, Prevail - 32"x 36" Super Absorbent Polymer
DYN1343   Disposable Underpads
MS0481   Disposable Unfilled High Flow Humidifier Bottle
NON27202S   Disposable V-Neck Scrub Top
59592500   Disposable Vaginal Speculum
NON260506   Disposable Washcloths
BAX001860   Disposable Water Traps
CEXB21400   Diverter Valve
R101   Divided Leg - Large
R100   Divided Leg - Medium
R102   Divided Leg Sling - Extra-Large
R100P   Divided Leg Sling - Petite
100-019LA   Dlx Home Bp Kit With Lg Adult Cuff Lot #
100-610   Dlx Nyl. Aner.W/Nyl Gauge Lot#
100-510   Dlx Nylon Aneroid - Blue Lot#
632-6204-1920   DMI 3-Panel Abdominal Binders, 9" width
554-8001-1900   DMI 3-Zone Comfort Pillow
560-7046-0000   DMI 4-Ply Quilted Reusable Underpadwith Straps, 28" x 36"
523-1584-0600   DMI Adjustable Height Sliding Shower Head
552-1984-0000   DMI Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad

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