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S35010   Phoenix 3 Wheel Compact Portable Travel Power Scooter
S35015   Phoenix 4 Wheel Compact Portable Travel Power Scooter
PhoenixHD3   Phoenix HD 3 Heavy Duty Travel Scooter
PhoenixHD4   Phoenix HD 4 Heavy Duty Travel Scooter
MALSSV   Phonate Speaking Valve
MALSSVO   Phonate Speaking Valve with Oxygen Port
HOM400KL   Physician Beam Scale Healthometer
HOM402KL   Physician Beam Scale Lb/Kg
HT485   Physician Mech Beam Scale W Wh Healthteam
1832BK   Physician Office Stool, Pneuma Grafco, Pneumatic, Black Pvc
HB349KLX   Physicians Remote Read Digital Scale
65671700   Pick Comb Medi-Pak 5-1/2 Inch Black Polypropylene
PKSP321   Pik Stik Pro Reacher 32" Yellow
PKST3044   Pik Stik Telescopic Reacher
PKSP201   PikStik Pro Reacher
5709   Pill Counter Grafco
5713   Pill Crusher Grafco
63402700   Pill Crusher Medi-Pak Hand-Operated Twist Mechanism Clear
58002700   Pill Crusher Medi-Pak Performance Silent Knight
5712M   Pill Crusher Metal Grafco
63412700   Pill Cutter Medi-Pak Stainless Steel Blade
9600SS   Pill Env Prntd Self-Seal 1000/Bx Grafco
GF9600   Pill Envelope Printed 1000/Bx Grafco
44212700   Pill Envelopes
5717   Pill Organizer
NON135000   Pill Splitter
5711   Pill Splitter Grafco
90503000   Pillow Arm, Professional Care
3858   Pillow Case Overlap Closure Grafco
3857   Pillow Case Zipper Close Grafco
34528209   Pillow Slipcover, Boppy - 6ea
21278200   Pillow With Stability Core
PILOT2310BG18CS   Pilot 3-Wheel Power Scooter
PILOT2410BG18CS   Pilot 4-Wheel Power Scooter
54184100   Pine-Sol Cleaner, 144oz. - 3ea
26202700   Pink Bismuth Chewable Tablets
OTCS0378C2   Pink Bismuth Liquid (Compare to Pepto Bismol)
94012500   Pink Record Paper
BRA2112431   PINNACLE High Flow Y Adaptor Set
BRA2112343   PINNACLE TPN Transfer Sets
3419   Pipet Brush 12/Bx Grafco
15102400   Pipette Stand for Plastic ESR Pipette Tests, Dispette
17002410   Pipette Tube / Reservoir / Transfer Pipette Dispette, Sed Pac
15312410   Pipette Tube Dispette, MicroSed
18040-P   Piston Powered Checker Cab Nebulizer
IRC2020   Piston Regulator with Contents Gauge
SCP30004012CS   Pitch-It IV Pole
DYND80532   Pitchers Standard - White Foam Outer Jacket
ROS58013   Pivot 1.5 CAL
BF66099   Placard No Smoking 100/Cs John Bunn
SI1212   Plannar Solid Seat Insert
MXM50320   Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint
MDS200300   Plasma Indicator Strips
4431   Plastazote Self-Stick Padding
4160   Plaster Spreader Hennig Grafco
52192400   Plastic Capillary Blood Collection Tube Heparin, 40 µL
MDS137007Z   Plastic Combs
MABMB14   Plastic Fire-Resistant Waste Baskets, Sand, 14.00
MABMB27   Plastic Fire-Resistant Waste Baskets, Sand, 27.00
MAI525S   Plastic Heel Cups
DYND70146H   Plastic Inflatable Invalid Rings
NON042003   Plastic Knives
20033400   Plastic Laundry Cart w/ 4 Casters - 200 lbs.
55480500   Plastic Mattress Cover
PSY6410   Plastic Shell Foot-Guard
3136   Plastic Sply Tube W/Vlv-3388-1 Grafco
NON0420015   Plastic Spoons
NON042001   Plastic Teaspoon
RTL12011KDR   Plastic Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest
MDS86960R   Plastic Transfer Bench with Back and Arms
DUR1761   Plastic Transfer Board
SLT1215   Plastic Twist & Pull Tubing Connector
CEXP707OO   Plastic Urinal
PPIH140D01   Plastic Urinal
21003400   Plastic Utility Cart, 3 Shelves - 18"x 24"x 38"
20203400   Plastic Utility Cart, 3 Shelves - 18"x 24"x 40.5"
DYND80311   Plastic Washbasins, Gold, 5.000
NONZIP69Z   Plastic Zip Closure Bags with White Write-On Block, Clear
6027   Platform Attachment
HOM1100KL   Platform Scale, Digital Healthometer
MDS86615P   Platform Walker Attachment with Glide Caps
IRC10LX   Platinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator
IRC10LXO2   Platinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator with SensO2
LUM7921RBCS   Platinum Collection Bath Seats
1131249   Platinum Oxygen Concentrator Sound Reducing Filter
CYM78322   Platinum Series One-Piece 11" Drainable Pouch
IRC5LXO2   Platinum XL 5-Liter Oxygen Concentrator w/ SensO2
TX05887   Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nurser
TX05761   Playtex Drop-Ins System
TX05866   Playtex VentAire Advanced Bottle
74311100   Pleated Surgical Mask, Secure-Gard - One Size Fits Most
91504000   Pleural Drainage Kit, Aspira
MDS191096   Plexiglass Glove Dispenser
3476   Plungerless Syringe Catheter P Grafco
3477   Plungerless Syringe Catheter P Grafco
3479   Plungerless Syringe Catheter P Grafco
TWL11789315   Plus TB Quaternary Disinfectants
HCSPM50   PM-50 Handheld Pulse Oximeter
HCSMIND50CS   PM50 Pulse Oximeter Cover without Clip
HCSPM50CM   PM50 Pulse Oximeters Data Link Cable and Software
56903000   Pneumatic Armband Aircast
39202500   Pneumatic Otoscope, MacroView - 3.5 Volt
IOC100P   Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver
ORT28610S   Pneumatic Short Leg Walkers, Black
DYND30364H   Pneumatic Tube Specimen Container
DYND30362   Pneumatic Tube Sterile Path Specimen Containers
DYND30367   Pneumatic Tube Sterile Specimen Containers
DYND30370   Pneumatic Tube System Specimen Container
MDS2225015   Pneumoperitoneum Needles
92100110   Pocket Chamber
RTL1113   Pocket Magnifier
ADC5110N   Pocket Otoscope / Ophthalmoscope Set
633-6021-0301   Pocket Style Arm Sling
921801   PocketPeak Peak Flow Meter
DYNJS0800   Podiatry Tray I
11-0740-1   Point Relief ColdSpot Lotion - Gel Packet - 5 gram
11-0783-1   Point Relief HotSpot Lotion - 5 gram packet
KBC12857PK   POISE Hourglass Pads
19353101   Poise Light Absorbency Pads
KBC19305   Poise Liners
KBC19568   Poise Maximum Pads
KBC19566   Poise Moderate Pads
KBC19598PK   Poise Moderate Pads
KBC19295   Poise Ultimate Pads
33923104   Poise Ultra Pads - 3.5"x 14.25"
KBC19906PK   Poise Ultra Thin Pads
KBC19202   Poise Ultra Thins
KBC19624   Poise Ultra Thins with Wings
COR202002   Polar Enteral Feeding Bag with Attached Gravity Sets
COR202013   Polar Enteral Feeding Bag with Pump Administration Set
BRD750379   Pole Bag With Piston Syringe
TOW2017   Polident Denture Tab 84ct
CSC05402   Poligrip Denture Cream 1.4oz
30504100   Polishing Pad, Regency - White
RCG4120   Polishing Pads, White
CNRPO6200MB2PK   Pollenex Hand Held Shower Head with Microban
CNRSBBF   Pollenex Solid Teakwood Spa Bench
CNRSBB8   Pollenex Teak Corner Spa Bench
CNRPTB1   Pollenex Teakwood and Matte Aluminum Spa Bench
71333100   Poly / Rayon Underpad, Reusable - 30"x 36"
DYND13714   Poly Cath Intermittent Catheters
CTCPR18   Poly Tack Roll Mop
DYNJSD1015   Poly U-Drape
DYND70110   Poly-Cath Rectal Tube
DRL46915   Polyderm Border - Foam Dressing with Covaderm Tape Border
63178601   Polyester & Rayon Reusable Bedpad
NONDB4080   Polyester / Cellulose Emergency Blankets
50053000   Polyester Heel Protector
20043400   Polyethylene 3-Shelf Housekeeping Cart
NON27114   Polyethylene Coated Gowns
VYG115970   Polyethylene Coiled Extension Tube
89142700   Polyethylene Glycol 3350 Powder for Solution Osmotic Laxative
OTC0077824   Polyethylene Glycol Laxative Powder
RTL2012   Polyethylene Stocking Aid
NON27116XXL   Polyethylene-Coated Polypropylene Isolation Gowns, Blue
3112   Polyglobe One Quart For 3388-1 Grafco
OTC18501   Polyiron Capsules (Compare to Niferex)
SATPSE103   POLYMED Latex Sterile Exam Gloves
FMC7203   Polymem Island Dressing
FMC5045BX   PolyMem MAX Non-Adhesive Dressing
FER5044Z   Polymem Non-Adhesive Dressing
FMC203APK   PolyMem QuadraFoam Wound Dressings
FMC1044   PolyMem Silver
FMC5733   PolyMem Wic Cavity Wound Filler
FMC1333   PolyMem Wic Silver Cavity Wound Filler
MSC323950C   Polymer Deluxe Protective Liner
MSC322505   Polymer Protective Liner
BAA12261   PolyPlus Oral Swab Kit
CRI4000Z   Polypropylene Isolation Gowns, Yellow
3806C   Polypropylene Isolation Gown Y Grafco Yellow Lat-Free 10Bg/Cs
NON27150   Polypropylene Non-Skid Boot Covers
DYND30335   Polypropylene Specimen Container - Non-Sterile
DYND30331   Polypropylene Specimen Container - Sterile 4 oz
DYND30351   Polypropylene Specimen Container - Sterile 4.5 oz
DYND30330   Polypropylene Specimen Container - Sterile Path
KND6640   Polyskin II Transparent Dressing
CTCK101BCS   PolyTack Entrance Mats
12604300   Pommel Control Seat Cushion, Foam - 16"x 18"x 2"
BIV000333   Ponsky Dual Port Feeding Adapter
DYND80217H   Pontoon Bedpan Stackable
PAC44   Pool Access Chair
RMC32105   Pop-On Self-Adhering Catheter
74052200   Porous Cloth Tape
18605   Portable AC / DC Suction Machine with Carry Case
RTL12068   Portable Bath Step
540-8090-0000   Portable Bidet/Sitz Bath
96034100   Portable Chemical Dispenser Unit 1, Chemport
HOM549   Portable Digital Baby/ S Anima Healthometer
HB8320KL   Portable Digital Pediatric Scale
AGF-3E   Portable Dual Channel TENS Unit with Electrodes
MNT82102   Portable Folding Seat Cane
RTL10263KDR   Portable Folding Travel Walker
18715   Portable HandyOx Digital Oximeter
47003700   Portable Health-O-Meter Wheelchair Scale w/ Digital LCD
F-004PPPB   Portable Pro Pool Lift - 400lb Capacity
11114KD-1   Portable Shower Chair Commode with Casters
11120KD-1   Portable Upholstered Wheeled Drop Arm Bedside Commode
STDS5050   Portable Wheelchair Tray

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