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SCT46500   TENA Serenity Light Pads
SQ64331   TENA Skin-Caring 3-in-1 Wash Cream
SCT67902   TENA Stretch Brief Super Absorbency
SCT67803   TENA Stretch Brief Ultra Absorbency
SCT68011   TENA Super Brief
SCT381PK   TENA Sure Stay Underpad
SCT68010   TENA Ultra Brief
SCT52060   TENA Ultra Thin Heavy Absorbent Pads
SCT52070   TENA Ultra Thin Heavy Pads
SCT352   TENA Underpads
SCT350   TENA Underpads - 17"x 24"
SCT64331   TENA Wash Cream
SCT54950PK   TENA Women and TENA Men Protective Underwear
SCT53300   TENA Women Underwear Super Plus Absorbency
SCT61166   TENA Youth Brief
DST04541448001   TENDER 1 INF SET 31IN
KND1914C   TENDERSKIN Hypoallergenic Paper Tape
71763100   Tendersorb Underpad - 23"x 36"
KND7134   TENDERSORB Underpads
6618100000   TenderTEMP One-Second Ear Thermometer
6618150000   TenderTEMP One-Second Ear Thermometer Probe Covers
18-607-000   TenderTYKES Instant Ear Thermometers
15-690-000   TenderTYKES┬« Digital Pacifier Thermometer
MSC8401Z   TenderWet Active Cavity Dressings
MSC8301Z   TenderWet Active Dressings
KND8036   Tenderwrap Unna Boot Bandage
ORT17100   Tennis Elbow Straps
GF-3   Tens Unit Grafco
AGF-110   TENS Unit Lead Wires
SW-1000   Tens Unit Without Timer Serial #
GF-TX5   Tens-Digital Sd Lcd Program Grafco
63912500   TENS/NMES/FES Monitoring Electrode
699   Tension Hamper - Knocked-Down
699NC   Tension Hamper w/o Casters - Knocked-Down
JOB2593   Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage
OTC25004   Tera Gel Shampoo
BRI201014Q3   TerraGreen Blue Glass Cleaner
BRI191007RD   TerraGreen HyPer Maxx
BRI36100204   TerraGreen Stripper
BRI36100107   TerraGreen ZF Environmental Finish
MDTHR8T04BCL   Terry Robes with Breast Cancer Logo
MDTHR8T06WHI   Terry Robes, White
MDTDBLTREADL   Terrycloth Double Tread Slippers
MDT211218SI   Terrycloth Single Tread Slippers
TERNN1825RBX   Terumo Hypodermic Needles
TERSS05L2025BX   Terumo Hypodermic Syringes with Needle
TERSS03S   Terumo Hypodermic Syringes without Needle
TERSS05M2813BX   Terumo Insulin Syringes
TERSS01TBX   Terumo Tuberculin Syringes
3403   Test Tube Brush 8" Grafco
3414   Test Tube Brush Small Bore12/ Grafco
KND8884730300   Texas Catheter Male External Catheter
RUSE7000   Texas-Style Condom Catheter
LUM2000   The 2000T Stimulator
ADC609BK   The ADSCOPE-lite Series
ING203NCA   The Adult Smart Nasal Cannula
200H   The Big Dog Cart
MTT0003   The Cryo-Max Cold Pack
FAB100203   The Cuff Wrist/Ankle Weights
STD9000   The Curve Grab Bar
DALH84101601   The Dale NasoGastric Tube Holder
COR204100   The Farrell Valve, Gastric Pressure Relief Device
APL20001   The Feminal Female Urinal
21104000   The Fluid Solidifier - 1200cc
54904001   The Fluid Solidifier, Kwik-Sorb - 3000cc
31164100   The Fluid Solidifier, Premisorb - 1500cc
TFI4379   The GRAND Line Heavy Duty Transfer Bench
MNT00310   The Great Cane Deal
STD3001   The HandyBar
POS6515   The Hugger Wheelchair Positioner
CICCCMB100   The Magic Bullet Suppository
STD5850   The Mobility Rail
RMC38301BX   The Natural Catheter
CNXFFP1000   The Original Foot Free Pillow
CYM87210   The Original Ile-Sorb
HYT105BLF   The Original Pink Tape
TUS00010   The Original Prostretch
PMI1805   The Osprey Deluxe High Strength Lightweight Wheelchair by Probasics
TP-100   The Palm
F-802SCNA-HLD   The Scout Hi-Lift without Anchor - 350lb Capacity
F-802LIN-NA-EU   The Scout Lift Euro Version without Anchor - 350lb Capacity
F-800SC-DER-D   The Scout Lift with Anchor - 350lb Capacity
F-802SC-DER-D   The Scout Lift without Anchor - 350lb Capacity
36714300   The Sierra Overlay Mattress - 78"x 34"x 3.5"
F-005SLB   The Spa Lift with Anchor - 400lb Capacity
MTS2025   The Transfer Handle Bed Rail
PMI1918   The Transformer Chair
BMP43820000009   The Ultilet Ulti-Lance
OBUOFPLSOYNK   The Ultimate Neck Pillow
STDS803N   The Universal Wheelchair Oxygen "E" Cylinder Holder
RMC36101   The WideBand Self-adhering Catheter
31161600   THERA Antifungal Body Powder
11641800   THERA Antimicrobial Body Cleanser
46161400   THERA Calazinc Body Shield
16641400   THERA Dimethicone Body Shield
11651800   THERA Foaming Body Cleanser
11861800   THERA Moisturizing Body Cleanser
66141400   THERA Moisturizing Body Cream
16411400   THERA Moisturizing Body Shield
TB22136   Thera-Band Booklet
TB22120   Thera-Band Exercise Handles
TB26020EA   Thera-Band Hand Exerciser
HYG26020   Thera-Band Hand Exercisers
HYG26060CS   Thera-Band Hand Exercisers
TB23210   Thera-Band Power Pump
TB20334   Thera-Band Professional Latex-Free Resistance Band
TB20380   Thera-Band Professional Latex-Free Resistance Band
TB20010   Thera-Band Professional Resistance Band
TB20520   Thera-Band Professional Resistance Band Dispensing System
TB20403   Thera-Band Professional Resistance Band Multi-Band Pack
TB21010   Thera-Band Professional Resistance Tubing
HYG20020   Thera-Band Progressive Resistance System
TB23305   Thera-Band Stability Trainer
TB23010   Thera-Band Standard Exercise Ball
TB40141   Thera-Band Swim Belt with Buoyancy Foam
20402700   Thera-Liquid
2013-F   Thera-Putty 2 Oz Firm Blue Grafco
2013-S   Thera-Putty 2 Oz Soft Yellow Grafco
2013   Thera-Putty 2 Oz X-Soft Beige Grafco
2014-F   Thera-Putty 4 Oz Firm Blue Lumex
2014-S   Thera-Putty 4 Oz Soft Yellow Lumex
KIT-2013   Thera-Putty Display Kit Lumex
66412700   Thera-Tabs M
66402700   Thera-Tabs M Caplets
65802700   Thera-Tabs Tablets
WRM2320   Therabath Professional Paraffin Bath
WRM0101   Therabath Therapeutic Refill Paraffin Wax
DUR61645080000   Therabeads Moist Heat Mitt
DUR61645050000   Therabeads Neck Pain Relief Pack
DUR61645030000   Therabeads Standard Moist Heat Pack
644503   TheraBeads Standard Pack
MNK0077H   TheraHoney Gauze Honey Sheet Dressings
MNK0005H   TheraHoney Gel Honey Dressings
Thera4   Therapain 4oz Spray
Therar3   Therapain ROLL-ON 3oz
15019   Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress
HEI400708   Therapeutic Foot Massager
35290500   Therapeutic Mattress Geo-Mattress with 8" Wings
68030500   Therapeutic Mattress Geo-Mattress, 350
80420500   Therapeutic Mattress Geo-Mattress, Atlas
29810500   Therapeutic Mattress Geo-Mattress, HC Foam
53080500   Therapeutic Mattress Geo-Mattress, Max - 6"x 35"x 80"
80290500   Therapeutic Mattress Geo-Mattress, Plus
80390500   Therapeutic Mattress Geo-Mattress, Pro
HEI400771   THERAPOD Thermal Relief
STS1080B39   Therapy 1000 Bariatric Mattress 39" Width
STS2080B42   Therapy 2000 Bariatric Mattress
DM47   Therapy Pillow 16X22 Lumex
OTC60101   Theratabs (Compare to Theragran)
OTC62101   Theratabs With Minerals (Compare to Theragran-M)
OTC00228   TheraTears Liquid Eye Gel
CHG1032   Theratherm Automatic Moist Heat Pack
10895   Therma Moist Heating Pad
IRC722   Thermal Printer for IRC700
11782400   Thermal Printer Labels, Axiom - White
7390TRP   Thermal Replacement Printing Paper Roll for 73HEM705CP
BRU46011BX   ThermalOn Heat Activated Pain Relief Spray
MDT218270BEI   ThermaLux Spread Blankets
CNRPTW1   ThermaLuxe Towel Warmer
HT1857   Thermom Dig 9 Sec F/C Healthteam
1858   Thermometer 60 Sec, Bulk 24/Bx Healthteam, Rigid Tip
HT1856-1   Thermometer Dig W/Beep Frnt Healthteam
1537   Thermometer Flt Bath Frnt/Cent Grafco
HT1859   Thermometer Probe Cover 100/Bx Healthteam
W-A05031110   Thermometer Probe Covers
1534   Thermometer Room Labtron
BTL155   Thermophore Arthritis Pad - Large/Back
BTL156   Thermophore Arthritis Pad - Medium/Joint
BTL177   Thermophore Arthritis Pad - Petite/Neck
BTL077   Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack
BT146   Thermophore Home
4577   Thermoplastic Ezeform Splinting Material
TMS40002   Thermoscan Ear Thermometer
SWO82233   Thermoskin AFG Stabilizer
SWO82197   Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Glove
SPX580011   Thermovent 600 Heat and Moisture Exchanger with Tube
SPX570016   Thermovent T Heat and Moisture Exchanger
AIN07941   Thick & Easy Instant Food Thickener
AIN17938   Thick & Easy Instant Food Thickener
HML21929   Thick & Easy Packets
46152600   Thick & Easy Portion Cups - 4 oz.
HML27076   Thick & Easy Thickened Hydrolyte Lemon Water
PCF4080   Thick-It 2 Concentrated Instant Food Thickener
MII4081   Thick-It 2 Instant Food Thickeners
PCF4075   Thick-It Original Food Thickener
MII4075H   Thick-It Original Instant Food Thickeners
SND225100   Thicken Up 8 Oz
45552600   Thickend Apple Juice, Aquacare H20 - 8 oz.
46112600   Thickend Cranberry Juice, Aquacare H20 - 8 oz.
47662600   Thickend Orange Juice, Aquacare H20 - 8 oz.
45102600   Thickend Water, Aquacare H20 - 8 oz.
51932600   Thickenup Food Thickener, Resource - 1.4 gm
TK 1090 S   Thigh Prompts for Trekker Gait Trainer
91444300   Thin-Line Seat Cushion Overlay, X-Gel - 16"x 18"x 1"
76555000   Thinksoft Positioning Device
MDS80450   Three-Panel Privacy Screen
MSC4300   Threeflex Bandage System

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