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24084300   Bariatric Seat Cushion with Air Cells - 22"x 28"x 2"
INV97852   Bariatric Shower Chair
BSC660   Bariatric Shower Chair - BSC660
BSC880   Bariatric Shower Chair - BSC880
SC550   Bariatric Shower Chair - SC550
BSC660P   Bariatric Shower Chair Commode - BSC660P
SC550P   Bariatric Shower Chair Commode - SC550P
9785-2   Bariatric Shower Chair with Back
BSS600   Bariatric Shower Stool
10991200   Bariatric Slipper Socks, Medi-Pak
7831-1   Bariatric Small-Base Quad Cane
13049SV   Bariatric Standing Trapeze with Base Silver Vein
DYNJP3105   Bariatric Surgical Drape with Pouches
SABARIBAG   Bariatric system carry bag (without silk screen)
INV96752   Bariatric Transfer Bench
RTL7048   Bariatric Transfer Board
RTL7047   Bariatric Transfer Board with Hand Holes
TRHD22FR   Bariatric Transport Chair
2940B   Bariatric Trapeze
BARTRAP   Bariatric Trapeze
G30754B   Bariatric Two-Button Folding Walker
ISG1957   Bariatric Walker & Wheel Kit
MDS86615XW5   Bariatric Walker Caster Replacement
6372   Bariatric Wheel Kit
783-UWBXXL   Bariatric XXL StayDry Ultra Underwear - 68" to 80"
BARIBRIEF   BariBriefs
SABARISYS39   BariSelect Bariatric Mattress Replacement System
SABARIFOAM   BariSelect Replacement Foam Pad
SABARIPUMP   BariSelect Replacement Pump
SA39COV   BariSelect Replacment Cover
SA39MATT   BariSelect Replacment Mattress
33551412   Barrier Cream, 3M Cavilon - 3.25 oz.
MOL1702   Barrier Protective Glasses
9884   Base for 9805 Lift
RWB-BASE   Base for Round Wire Utility Basket w/2" Hooded Casters
ORT32500S   Baseball Finger Splint
FAB121190   Baseline BMI Body Fat Scale
DYKD2001A   Basic Admission Kits
DYNJS0501   Basic Cysto-Turp Pack
DYNJ06600   Basic Double Basin Set Up
NV725790001   Basic Elevated Toilet Seat
DYNJP7013   Basic Eye Surgical Drape
BLSFLG   Basic Fixed Lateral Supports
5689   Basic Folding Reacher - 32" L Lumex
BNSA   Basic Headrest
BRAV141515   Basic I.V. Administration Set with One Injection Site
DYK100MRSA   Basic Isolation Kits
NON27120H   Basic Isolation Mask - Latex Free
DYNJS0302   Basic Laparotomy Pack
BRAV1390   Basic Lipid Administration Site
DYKD200COLMA   Basic Maternity Kits
DYNJP1000   Basic Pack I
DYNJP1005   Basic Pack II
DYNJP1010   Basic Pack III
DYNJP1015   Basic Pack IV
DYNJP1020   Basic Pack V
DYNJP1025   Basic Pack VI
NON27365   Basic Procedure Mask
ISGHE11740000   Basic Reacher
DYNJ06400   Basic Single Basins
1009   Basket Divider
780 BASKET   Basket for Drive Universal Knee Walkers
CE 1315   Basket for Safety Rollers
781   Basket Shelf for 703 Garment Rack
782   Basket Shelf for 704 Garment Rack
783   Basket Shelf for 715 & 725 Garment Racks
784   Basket Shelf for 721 & 722 Garment Racks
902   Basket Warning Sign
ISG202AS   Bath Bench
RTL12202KDR   Bath Bench with Back
PMI302   Bath Bench with Back & Arms
RTL12505   Bath Bench with Back and Arms
12445-1   Bath Bench with Back and Removable Padded Arms
RTL12105KDR   Bath Bench with Carry Bag
12440-1   Bath Bench with Padded Arms
MDS89740ACHS   Bath Bench Without Back - Assembled
MDS89740RW   Bath Bench Without Back - Non-Assembled
79313501   Bath Bench, 22 Inch, 350 Lbs
MDS89745A   Bath Benches With Back - Assembled
MDS89745R   Bath Benches With Back - Non-Assembled
MDT218240   Bath Blankets
81021TB   Bath Kit by AliMed
12950   Bath Mat
2050A   Bath Mat Sure-Safe White Lumex
HTAHH008   Bath Safety Treads
7932A-1   Bath Seat Bariatric Lumex
7939A-1   Bath Seat Bariatric W. Bck 1Ea Lumex
7947A   Bath Seat Pad W/Arms W/Com St Lumex
7946A   Bath Seat Pad W/Com St Platinum Col Lumex
7944A   Bath Seat Padded Platinum Col Lumex
7945A   Bath Seat Padded W/Arms Platinum Col Lumex
7921R-1   Bath Seat W/ Back Retail Lumex, Unassembled
7921RC-1   Bath Seat W/Back Chocolate Lumex 1 Ea Unassembled
7921RGY-1   Bath Seat W/Back Sea Gray - Lumex Unassembled
7921RB-1   Bath Seat W/Back Steel Blue Lumex 1 Ea Unassembled
7931RC-1   Bath Seat W/Out Back Chocolate Lumex 1 Ea Unassembled
7931RG-1   Bath Seat W/Out Back Olve Grn Lumex 1 Ea Unassembled
7931RGY-1   Bath Seat W/Out Back Sea Gray Lumex 1 Ea Unassembled
7931RB-1   Bath Seat W/Out Bck Steel Blue Lumex 1 Ea Unassembled
JIIJR5539   Bath Step
2060R   Bath Stool Retail Lumex
2060A   Bath Stool Round Lumex
RTL12061   Bath Stool with Padded Rotating Seat
17003500   Bath Transfer Bench with Fixed Handle, 400 lbs.
61004100   Bathroom Drying Cloth - 16"x 16"
RTLBATHKIT   Bathroom Safety Solution
35004100   Bathroom Tissue Dispenser - 2 Rolls
2032A   Bathtub Rail Sure Safe Lumex
RMB20100   Bathtub Rails
69623A-1   Bathtub Safety Rail Tub-Guard Lumex 1 Ea (69623A)
G98080   Bathtub Safety Rail, White
69663A-1   Bathtub Safety Rail-Non Retail Lumex 1 Ea
JIIJB5701   Bathtub Seat
400-3003   Battery Pack for Hoyer Lifts
1078276   Battery Pack for Invacare Reliant Lifts
TPO110   Battery Pack for SOLO2 Transportable Concentrator
2F010-BATTERY   Battery Wheelchair U1 Everest & Jennings
MDS2415412   Baumgartner Micro Needle Holders
GRNU415   Baumrucker Incontinence Clamp
AMS5965   Bayer Fingerstix Lancet
AMS1450   Bayer's Breeze2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System
AMS1467   Bayer's Breeze2 Blood Glucose Test Strips
AMS1489   Bayer's Breeze2 Control Test Solutions
AMS7151   Bayer's Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System
AMS7080   Bayer's Contour Blood Glucose Test Strips
AMS7110   Bayer's Contour Normal Control Solution
AMS1858   Bayer's Contour TS Control Solution
AMS1820   Bayer's Contour TS Test Strips
AMS6606   Bayer's Microlet 2 Adjustable Lancing Device
AMS7111   Bayer’s Contour Normal Control Solution
COL1611   BAZA Antifungal Cream
COL7712   Baza Cleanse and Protect
COL1006   Baza Clear Skin Protectant Ointment
COL1880   BAZA Protect Moisture Barrier Cream
621005   BazaClear Skin Protectant Ointment
MEJ891501   BCAD 2 Medical Food Powder
BND303345BX   BD 17 Gauge Blunt Plastic Cannula
BND329410BX   BD 1mL Insulin Syringes - 28 ga x 1/2"
BND309653   BD 60 cc Irrigation Syringe
BND303346BX   BD Blunt Plastic Cannula – A Truly Universal Cannula
MAG384827   BD Complete Procedure Tray - Adult / Pediatric PICC or Midline
BND309657   BD Conventional Syringe Only (No Tip Shield)
BND305224   BD Cornwall Fluid Dispensing Syringe System
BDS371603   BD E-Z Scrub Preoperative Surgical Scrub Brushes
86082801   BD Eclipse Blood Collection
BND305610   BD Extra Large Regulated Medical Waste Collectors
MAG384304   BD First Midcath Midline Single Lumen Basic Kit
BND305176   BD General Use Hypodermic Needles
BDS323487   BD Home Sharps Container
BND383322BX   BD Insyte Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter
BND381512BX   BD Insyte Autoguard Shielded IV Catheters with BD Vialon Biomaterial
BND381534   BD Insyte Autoguard Winged Shielded IV Catheter
BND308341   BD Luer Tip Cap
BDS328233   BD Magni-Guide
BND383531BX   BD Nexiva Closed IV Catheter System
BND305214BX   BD Nokor 1 in. Thin Wall Non-Coring Vented Needles
BND305215BX   BD Nokor Admix Thin Wall Non-Coring Needles
BND305200BX   BD Nokor Filter Needle with 5 Micron Thin Wall
BND305220BX   BD Oral Syringe with Tip Cap
BND306553   BD PosiFlush SF Normal Saline Syringe
BDS328235   BD Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper
BND305930BX   BD SafetyGlide Insulin Syringe with UItra-Fine Needle
BND305915BX   BD SafetyGlide Needle
BND305905BX   BD SafetyGlide Needle and Syringe
BND309605   BD Sterile Syringe Convenience Trays
BND309578BX   BD Syringe / PrecisionGlide Needle Combination with Luer-Lok Tip
BDS320109BX   BD Ultra Fine Insulin Pen Needles
BDS320119BX   BD Ultra Fine Insulin Pen Needles
BDS328465BX   BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringe
BDS325773BX   BD Ultra-Fine Lancet
BDS320883BX   BD Ultra-Fine Nano Pen Needle
36482800   BD Vacutainer Blood Transfer Device With Luer Adapter
79862800   BD Vacutainer Plus Venous Blood Collection Tube
30832801   BD Vacutainer Plus Venous Blood Collection Tube w/ Sodium Citrate
BND367203BX   BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok Blood Collection Sets
64302800   BD Vacutainer Venous Blood Collection Tube
36712800   BD Vacutainer Venous Blood Collection Tube w/ Powdered Sodium Fluoride
63932800   BD Vacutainer Venous Plasma/Blood Collection Tube w/ Citrate Solution
B-D581030   BD Visitec High Flow Filter
CTR000413H   Be Fresh Mouthwash
3244   Beaker Measuring S.S. 16 Oz. Grafco
1001801   Bearing Flange - 1/2"
WCA806955PR   Bearings
BND305463CS   Becton Dickinson Sharps Collector 8 Qt. Pearl
GIC-7001M297   Bed and Chair Pendants
CEXBBF32203   Bed Buddy Moist Heat ThermaTherapy
BBGEXT1001   Bed Bug 911 Exterminator Bed Bug Spray
57143000   Bed Bumper
STD2041   Bed Cane and Bed Cane Organizer
1123550   Bed Casters
COOBOR161454PK   Bed Covers
64303000   Bed Cradle Foot Frame, 36"x 21.5"
64353000   Bed Cradle, High Top Frame - 36"x 24"
GIC-5301   Bed End Sets for Semi-Electric Beds Guardian Homecare Beds
60233000   Bed Fall Protection Mat, 70"x 38"x 1"
57003000   Bed Guard Roll, Brushed Polyester / Vinyl
36410500   Bed Mattress Flex-Ease Innerspring
41680500   Bed Mattress Foam - 6"x 35"x 80"
35000500   Bed Mattress Renter II w/ Vinyl Cover
GIC-1104330   Bed Motor Assembly

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