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The answer to your emergency evacuations needs

Posted on 14th , October 2015

Emergencies happen, and when they do, itís important that any multi-story building is equipped with modes of evacuation for every single person inside. This is where the Garaventa Lift Evacu-Trac CD7 - Evacuation Chair can be extremely useful and lifesaving. In the event of a fire, earthquake, bomb scare, etc. elevators should not be used, and a person with disabilities or injury will need the aid that Evacu-Trac can provide.

This evacuation chair can be quickly and easily set up for immediate use. During an emergency, the passenger can be moved from a wheelchair into the Evacu-Trac, which has been designed specifically for easy transfer in and out of a wheelchair. Once positioned in the Evacu-Trac, Velcro straps are wrapped securely around the passengerís torso and lower legs. The passenger is then wheeled to the stairway for descent. It is the weight of the passenger that propels the chair down the stairs. The chair is complete with a governor that controls descent speed, durable rubber tracks that firmly grip the stairs, and a safety brake that brings the unit to a complete stop automatically. All of these features make this efficient evacuation chair easily operated by anyone, no matter the size and strength difference between them and the passenger.

The Evacu-Trac is a stable, safe, and very efficient mode of transportation down stairs. It seems absolutely imperative that one of these chairs be onsite every multi-story building where persons with limited mobility work, live, or may visit. It is due to the many great features specific to Garaventa Liftís products that we believe the Garaventa Evacu-Trac CD7 Ė Evacuation Chair is the answer to your emergency needs.

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