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Roll-In Buddy with Tilt - Revolutionary Tilting Options Answer Your Shower Chair Needs

Posted on 26th, January 2016

For injured or disabled individuals, bathing can pose a very real problem. This is why we’re particularly excited about Showerbuddy’s latest product, the “SB3T Roll-inBuddy with Tilt”. While this chair includes all of the great features standard to the Roll-inBuddy, there is a new tilting option making this chair stand out among other shower chairs.

The Showerbuddy SB3T is an ergonomically sound chair with it’s own commode, making it easy to roll right over-top toilets and into the shower without any hassle. With the tilt option, caregivers can achieve correct angles for the hips, knees, and ankles, allowing for a much more enjoyable and comprehensive bathing experience for the individual in the chair. While offering for better angles to be maintained, the chair also distributes weight more effectively for maximum comfort.

The Roll-inBuddy with Tilt still includes the other many Showerbuddy features that make this manufacturer a trusted one of ours. The chair is made of the highest quality material, making it rust/corrosion and mold resistant. With a 350 pound weight capacity, and the ability to adjust the height, this chair can be used by a wide variety of people. It also comes with a neck rest, lap and chest belts, a soft seat cushion, and is equipped with foldaway arms. All in all, if you are looking for a shower and bathroom chair that is easy to maneuver, comfortable, and equipped to make your shower experience pleasant, the Showerbuddy Roll-inBuddy with Tilt is the chair you’ve been looking for!

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