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Bouffant Surgeon Caps

Posted on 20th , March 2012

Bouffant is a type of women hairstyle in which the hairs are given puffy appearance. The surgeon caps which resemble the bouffant are called bouffant surgeon caps. Though Bouffant is style associated with women, the bouffant caps are worn both by men and women. Because of the puffy appearance of a bouffant cap, they can be worn over any hairstyle and thus are very popular among surgeons and other medical professionals. These caps are generally worn in clean rooms like operation theaters. A clean room is a room in which contamination is controlled to remove/reduce pollutants (material that pollutes air like dust, chemical vapors, heavy metals, non-bio degradable plastic etc) from its environment.

Bouffant caps are used to completely cover the surgeon's hair. They have an elastic band around the rim which is used to keep the cap tight around the forehead. This arrangement is done so that the surgeon's hair doesn't infect the patient being operated upon. These caps are generally made from Polypropylenes (Spunbond Polypropylene, lightweight multi-ply polypropylene, heavyweight polypropylene, multi-layer polypropylene). Most Bouffant caps are latex free. It means such caps don't put a patient with latex allergies under a potential risk of an allergic reaction when being operated upon.

You should buy Bouffant caps which comply with NFPA Standards. The National Fire Protection Association or NFPA is an international non-profit organization whose aim is to protect people and buildings from fire and other hazards by developing codes and standards to minimize the possibility of fire and other risks.

Where you can buy Bouffant Caps

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