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Book Review: Cut Calories and Boost Flavor with 75 Delicious, All-Natural Recipes

Posted on 27th , January 2012

It's not often that a low-calorie cookbook lives up to its promise of great-tasting food.  That's not the case with 'Flavor First: Cut Calories and Boost Flavor with 75 Delicious, All-Natural Recipes.'  Written by Cheryl Forberg, the original nutritionist for the NBC show 'The Biggest Loser,' this is one recipe book that definitely delivers.

'Flavor First' is based on simple but powerful dietary research.  Our taste buds have grown accustomed to-and crave-particular flavors and textures when it comes to food.  When we decide to eat healthy and try baked chicken instead of fried, for example, the baked chicken lacks the salty crunch of the fried chicken and it isn't appealing to eat.  And when food doesn't taste good, we don't keep eating it.

The solution, according to Forberg, is easy.  Eat dishes that are high in flavor and you won't miss the empty calories and extra fat.  By adding spices, zests and other natural flavor-enhancing ingredients, your taste buds will still get the zing factor that will keep them happy and you'll keep eating healthy, wholesome food.

Imagine replacing a fattening hamburger with Beer-Braised Tacos, or pancakes with Toasted Oatcakes. Forberg's book shows you how you don't have to sacrifice the tastes you love to eat the nutritious food you want. Unlike some healthy recipe books, hers doesn't try to make you think plain steamed vegetables are the greatest thing since potato salad.  She understands the importance of flavor and it shows with every recipe.  

The book is full of mouth-watering delights that cover everything from appetizers to desserts, drinks to main dishes. All the recipes contain the nutritional information, so you know exactly how much fiber, fat, sugar and protein are in each one. Many of the dishes are gluten free, a great help for people looking for tasty, gluten free recipes.  

One of the best things about the recipes is that you don't have to be a gourmet chef to prepare them.  Forberg explains her techniques in easy to understand terms and everything in the book can be made by a cooking novice.  They are enjoyable to make and even more enjoyable to eat.  

Forberg also goes into a lot of detail about seasonings, marinades and sauces.  These flavor enhancers are a vital part of a successful transition to healthy, low-calorie food.  They satisfy the need for a powerful taste experience without the use of unhealthy oils and excessive amounts of sugar, fat and salt.  After reading the book you will know simple and effective ways to flavor your foods.

'Flavor First' is an excellent recipe book for anyone who wants to lose weight or just eat more healthfully and naturally.  It is well-written with a wide variety of recipes to suit every lifestyle. These recipes have helped people all over the world eat quality, natural food. If you are ready to leave your current eating habits behind and start down the road to great taste and better nutrition, this is the right recipe book for you.

Author: Cascade Healthcare