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'Dietgirl' Helps Find the Weight-Loss Hero in All of Us

Posted on 03rd , Feburary 2012

Embarking on a weight loss journey can be exciting but frightening. The thrill of changing numbers on the scale and the agony of healthy food choices wait around every corner. There are times when the right thing to eat or the best way to exercise seems as elusive as a super villain. But have no fear: Diet girl is here to help show you the way through her touching and inspirational book: “The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl.”

The book was written by Shauna Reid, an ordinary twenty-three-year-old girl who decided to undertake an extraordinary mission: to lose weight and be the slimmer, healthier goddess every woman wants to be. Since she weighed 351 pounds at the time of her resolution, this was definitely no easy task. Reid was determined to make it work, however, and over time lost 175 pounds and became healthier and happier than she’d ever thought was possible. She began chronicling her adventures through a blog which served as the basis for this book.

Reid’s approach to losing weight seems like common sense in theory-eat less, eat healthy and exercise-but anyone who has struggled with a weight problem knows it’s not that simple in practice. There are as many things that can sabotage weight loss as there are that can help it. Reid carefully picks her way through the battlefield, learning through trial-and-error what does and doesn’t work, and how to overcome obstacles and move on after setbacks. And she does have obstacles and setbacks. She just doesn’t let them stop her.

The narrative is a pleasure to read: ‘Dietgirl’ is never condescending or superior in tone. Reid shoots from the hip and writes from the heart, and it is easy to understand the pain and suffering of her plight. She writes for every woman who is tired of being overweight, tired of having doctors, family and friends lecture about her health and appearance. She’s not afraid to tackle the psychological issues surrounding obesity, either: and her poignant insights on self-esteem, love, change and body image are on target, painful and enlightening.

“Dietgirl’ is not a cookie-cutter how-to guide filled with recipes and formulas. It’s about being able to look at yourself in a mirror and decide to do something about what you see. It’s about taking a long, hard look at your life and the everyday decisions that hold you back. The appeal of the book is that Reid is just like us, with the same hopes and fears, and it makes us cheer for her to win. It also gives us the courage to say: “hey, maybe I can do this, too.”

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth book that will motivate you to lose weight, this is it. Reid’s story will delight and inspire you, and show you how to turn everyday temptations into triumphs. From start to finish, “The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl” is a remarkable ride into the victory of the human spirit.

Author: Cascade Healthcare