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We found 154 results matching your criteria.
Exercise & Fitness
Urological Supplies
  • We offer a variety of exercise and fitness products that range from exercise peddlers for exercising leg and arm muscles to overdoor exercise pulleys that are designed to safely and easily increase range of motion.
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Exercise Band CanDo Exercise Band CanDo

Fabrication Enterprises : 105601EA

List Price: $4.19
Our Price: 2.99
Dumbbell Cando Dumbbell Cando

Fabrication Enterprises : 100550EA

List Price: $4.50
Our Price: 3.21
Donovan Industries Resist-A-Band Exercise Band

The Palm Tree Group : LXB5835REA

List Price: $4.62
Our Price: 3.30
Exercise Band Loop CanDo Exercise Band Loop CanDo

Fabrication Enterprises : 105251EA

List Price: $5.49
Our Price: 3.92
CanDo® Theraputty™

Fabrication Enterprises : FAB100900

List Price: $8.00
Our Price: 4.50
Theraputty Standard Exercise Putty Theraputty Standard Exercise Putty

Fabrication Enterprises Inc : MDSP100902

List Price: $9.00
Our Price: 4.59
Thera-Band Booklets Thera-Band Booklet

Thera-Band : TB22136

List Price: $7.99
Our Price: 4.95
You save $3.04!
Thera-Putty Thera-Putty

Graham-Field : 2013

List Price: $7.92
Our Price: 5.66
Replacement Rubber Bands, Hand Exerciser CanDo Replacement Rubber Bands, Hand Exerciser CanDo

Fabrication Enterprises : 101853PK

List Price: $8.06
Our Price: 5.76
Donovan Industries THERAPUTTY SFT RED 2OZ

The Palm Tree Group : TP2PCREA

List Price: $8.37
Our Price: 5.98
Exercise Ball Cando Exercise Ball Cando

Fabrication Enterprises : 101492EA

List Price: $9.65
Our Price: 6.90
Cone Grip Cone Grip

Skil Care Corp. : 201060EA

List Price: $9.88
Our Price: 7.06
Therapy Putty Therapy Putty

Patterson Medical Supply Inc : 507199EA

List Price: $10.35
Our Price: 7.39
Exercise Weights Exercise Weights

Graham-Field : 1891

List Price: $10.36
Our Price: 7.40
Patterson Medical Supply Therapy Putty

Patterson Medical : 5065EA

List Price: $10.39
Our Price: 7.42
Patterson Medical Supply Therapy Putty

Patterson Medical : 5071EA

List Price: $10.39
Our Price: 7.42
Patterson Medical Supply Therapy Putty

Patterson Medical : 5072EA

List Price: $10.39
Our Price: 7.42
Cushion Grip Cushion Grip

Skil Care Corp. : 201030EA

List Price: $10.80
Our Price: 7.71
Cushion Grip Cushion Grip

Skil Care Corp. : 201020EA

List Price: $10.93
Our Price: 7.81
Hand and Finger Exerciser, Finger Contracture Cushion Hand and Finger Exerciser, Finger Contracture Cushion

Posey Company : 65603000

List Price: $11.25
Our Price: 8.49
CanDo® Exercise Tubing, 48" with Handles

Fabrication Enterprises : FAB105561

List Price: $13.95
Our Price: 8.75
Donovan Industries Resist-A-Band Therapy Putty

The Palm Tree Group : TP4PCGEA

List Price: $13.06
Our Price: 9.33
You save $3.73!
Hand Exerciser Hand Exerciser

Medline Industries, Inc. : MDSP100800

List Price: $13.81
Our Price: 9.52
Patterson Medical Supply Sammons Preston Therapy Putty

Patterson Medical : 5073EA

List Price: $13.57
Our Price: 9.70
You save $3.87!
Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball

Fabrication Enterprises : FAB101491

List Price: $13.97
Our Price: 9.98
Shoulder Pulley Exerciser Blue Ranger Shoulder Pulley Exerciser Blue Ranger

Therapeutic Dimensions, Inc. : BLRA-MB-RPEA

List Price: $14.39
Our Price: 10.28
You save $4.11!
Exerciser Hand Ltwht/Red Exerciser Hand Ltwht/Red

Complete Medical Supplies : 2404 EA

List Price: $14.41
Our Price: 10.29
You save $4.12!
Exercise Bands by Sanctuary Health Exercise Bands by Sanctuary Health

Sanctuary Health Sdn Bhd : MDSHXR1H

List Price: $18.73
Our Price: 10.58
Thera-Band Hand Exercisers Thera-Band Hand Exercisers

Hygenic Corporation : HYG26020

List Price: $15.62
Our Price: 10.77

Maddak : 709350003EA

List Price: $15.63
Our Price: 11.17
You save $4.46!
Thera-Band Hand Exerciser Thera-Band Hand Exerciser

Thera-Band : TB26020EA

List Price: $15.65
Our Price: 11.25
The Cuff Wrist/Ankle Weights

Fabrication Enterprises : FAB100203

List Price: $16.63
Our Price: 11.88
Wrist and Ankle Weights

Rps Solutions : RPL210

List Price: $17.07
Our Price: 12.19
Exercise Band Exercise Band

Medline Industries, Inc. : MDSP105210

List Price: $18.16
Our Price: 12.52
Thera-Band Progressive Resistance System Thera-Band Progressive Resistance System

Hygenic Corporation : HYG20020

List Price: $18.42
Our Price: 12.70
Exercise Band CanDo Exercise Band CanDo

Fabrication Enterprises : 105211EA

List Price: $17.93
Our Price: 12.81
Cando Inflatable Ball Cando Inflatable Ball

Medline Industries, Inc. : MDSP301800

List Price: $18.85
Our Price: 13.00
Hand Helper II Hand Helper II

AliMed : 5326TB

List Price: $20.80
Our Price: 13.50
Half-Round Foam Roller Cando Half-Round Foam Roller Cando

Fabrication Enterprises : 302110EA

List Price: $19.72
Our Price: 14.08
You save $5.64!
Power-Putty Therapy Putty Power-Putty Therapy Putty

De Royal Industries : 1104EA

List Price: $19.80
Our Price: 14.15
You save $5.65!

Exercise and Fitness

Regular exercise and fitness are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but even more so when part of a home rehabilitation program following an injury or extended stay in hospital.

Exercising for Rehabilitation

Costs for physical therapy are rising and exercise and fitness equipment that aid in completing therapy at home are becoming more popular. Oftentimes outpatient rehabilitation involves receiving workout plans and instructions from a doctor or therapist that are to be followed at home.

Rehabilitation exercises are used to help the body recover from minor injuries like sprains and pulled muscles to major procedures such as hip replacements, knee damage and major surgeries that impair muscle movement for long periods of time and require strengthening and rebuilding.

These fitness programs sometimes require specialized equipment that allows you to exercise more effectively with less incidence of injury or strain. Improper or low-quality equipment can easily cause more harm than good, delay the recuperation process and even result in additional injury that will lead to a longer period of convalescence.

Popular Exercise Equipment

There are several different types of fitness products and each is designed to target certain muscle groups and favor particular kinds of injuries that may make it more difficult to exercise the weakened area. Popular items include exercise peddlers, exercise pulleys and Thera-Band brand resistance training products.

An exercise peddler is used to rebuild and tone arm and leg muscles, and offers users a simple way to train muscles using variable levels of resistance. The exercise pulley is designed to fit easily on any door and helps improve range of motion while exercising muscles in the upper body.

Thera-Band products come in many varieties. Thera-Band hand exercisers are simple resistance balls designed to be squeezed to improve hand function, while the progressive resistance system bands can be stretched to improve range of motion and to strengthen upper- and lower-body muscle groups.

Our line of exercise peddlers and pulleys, wrist and ankle weights and Thera-Band products are priced with you in mind, because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price.

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