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How to buy Medical Gloves

Posted on 24th , April 2012

Medical gloves are generally used during medical treatment or surgery to help prevent contamination (through patient blood and other bodily fluids), burns and cuts. They can also be used to protect from chemicals if you are working in a medical laboratory. Medical gloves are made up of different polymers: rubber, latex, Nitrile, vinyl, neoprene etc.  They come powdered or powder free. The powder is used to lubricate the gloves and make them easy to wear. There are two main types of medical gloves: Exam gloves and surgical gloves. Exam gloves are used during the medical examination/treatment of a patient. Surgical gloves are used while performing a medical surgery. Surgical gloves have more precise range of sizing than exam gloves and are of higher quality.

You should buy the gloves that best meet your requirements. Determine the risk from which you want protection and then buy gloves accordingly.  If you are working with chemicals then vinyl gloves are best for you. To prevent contamination while carrying out a medical procedure/treatment on a patient, use vinyl or Nitrile gloves. Make sure the gloves are disposable so that pathogens don’t transfer from one patient to another. Latex gloves may cause allergy in some people. So if you are allergic to latex, use Nitrile gloves.  Medical gloves which are classified as ‘Exam Grade’ are considered medically safe to be used. The exam grade gloves are generally used in hospitals and are available in both latex and latex free types.  

Latex gloves are highly durable and are ‘form fitting’. Vinyl and Nitrile gloves are latex free gloves. Vinyl gloves fit more loosely than latex gloves and are generally cheaper. Vinyl gloves tend to tear and puncture easily. Nitrile gloves are the most widely used gloves in the medical profession. They are sturdy and thus they do not tear or puncture easily like latex or vinyl gloves. Since Nitrile gloves are latex free they reduce the chance of allergic reaction. However Nitrile gloves are generally more expensive than vinyl or latex gloves

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