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How to use Oxygen Concentrator

Posted on 10th , April 2012

Oxygen concentrator is a medical device which is used to deliver higher concentration of oxygen to the patients who have low levels of oxygen in their blood or who suffer from chronic breathing problems. You can know all about oxygen concentrators through this post: What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

There are two types of oxygen concentrators: Portable oxygen concentrators and Home oxygen concentrators. You can get more details about portable oxygen concentrators (POC) through this post: what is portable oxygen concentrator. Generally patients use Home oxygen concentrators. POCs are used when oxygen therapy patients need to travel. In this article we will talk about using the Home oxygen concentrators.

The Home concentrator as the name suggest is generally used at Home. This machine does not use a cylinder to draw oxygen but in fact draw the oxygen directly from the room air. Because of this ability, Home concentrators don't need to be refilled (unlike oxygen cylinders). The room air is made up of Nitrogen (78%), Oxygen (0.93%) and other gases. The Home concentrator filters out nitrogen from the room air, leaving the air to be mostly oxygen. In this way a patient receive oxygen which is highly concentrated (pure). The patient uses tube or tight fitting face mask to inhale oxygen from the concentrator.

Cascade Healthcare Solutions is here to help with any questions about using or purchasing an oxygen concentrator. Feel free to call customer service with any additional questions at 877-480-3028.

Follow the steps below to use oxygen concentrators:

Step-1: Take the concentrator out of the box 

Step-2: Plug the oxygen concentrator into its own electric outlet. Never place your concentrator into a closet, near a radiator or any source of heat. This is because concentrated oxygen can increase the flammability of objects around it.

Step-3: Attach the bubble humidifier to the concentrator (optional). Fill the humidifier with distilled water to the maximum fill line and then attach tubing to it.

Step-4: Attach your nose cannula or mask to the oxygen concentrator.

Step-5: Hold tubing on both sides of the prong and then place prongs inside the nose and tubing around ears in such a way that it falls underneath the chin. If you are using an oxygen mask then place the mask over your mouth and adjust strap behind your head.

Step-6: Turn on the oxygen concentrator and adjust the oxygen flow to the liter per minute you are prescribed. Please contact Cascade Healthcare Solutions at 877-480-3028 if you experience any abnormalities.

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