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How to build wheel chair Ramp

Posted on 28th , May 2012

Wheelchair ramps are built to allow wheelchair users to access places which they can't access otherwise.  Wheel chair ramps are available in all shapes and sizes and can be made from wood, aluminum, steel or concrete. The ramps which are sold commercially must meet the ADA safety standards. ADA stands for Americans with disabilities act and it has setup set of guidelines to standardize the building process of wheelchair ramps so that they are safe for everyone.

Even If you are building a wheel chair ramp for personal use you should follow the ADA wheelchair ramp specifications as it tells you what is safe, usable and sturdy and what is not when it comes to building ramps. Before you start building a wheelchair ramp, you need to look at the needs and limitations of the person who is going to use that ramp and the surface on which the ramp will be used.  According to ADA specifications, one should use a least possible slope for the placement of wheelchair ramp. The slope ratio of the ramp should be between 1:16 and 1:20. A slope ratio of 1:16 means that for every foot of descent/ascent, the wheelchair ramp should be 16 feet long. According to ADA standards the width of the ramp should be 36 inches.

The ramp must have landing both at the top and the bottom of the ramp and the landing must be at least 60 inches long. If the ramp rises for more than 6 inches above the ground or have a horizontal projection of more than 72 inches, then the ramp should have handrails. If you are concerned about your patient falling of the ramp then handrails are absolute must have.  You need edge protection so that the wheelchair's wheels don't fall of the edge. If you are building the ramp from wood then make sure that the wood is protected from weather related warping and rotting. If you are using aluminum or steel to build the ramp then take measures to protect it from rust and corrosion. Ramps made from concrete are very sturdy and require least maintenance. If you are going to use the ramp a lot then concrete wheelchair ramps are ideal.

Where to Buy a Wheelchair Ramp

If building a wheelchair ramp is too hard for you or it is simply not the best use of your time then you can buy it from here or choose from one of the following: