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Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

Posted on 08th , March 2012

With the increasing amount of health professionals and general population becoming allergic to latex, it's important to have an alternative type of glove for use. Invacare powder-free vinyl exam gloves are one of these alternatives. These gloves can be used in many environments and are much safer than potentially toxic latex gloves.

One of the main uses of powder-free vinyl exam gloves is in the healthcare environment. They can be used in a wide variety of locations from medical clinics to dental offices. Powder-free vinyl gloves increase safety among patients and healthcare workers alike by preventing exposure to potentially toxic latex proteins. People may be born with or develop dangerous allergies to latex. Studies report that around 6% of the population and about 17% of all healthcare workers have a latex allergy. This is why it's important to use an alternative material in the medical field.

Vinyl is a widely used material for manufacturing exam gloves. The actual material used in the gloves is called polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. It is a durable material that provides a soft feel and satisfactory protection from bacteria and infection. In the past, vinyl gloves were inferior to latex, but advances in technology have allowed for the creation of stretch vinyl-synthetic material which is similar to the durability of latex. These gloves must endure the same tests as their latex and nitrile counterparts.

Another benefit of this type of glove is being powder free. This is highly important in sensitive medical and dental environments. During invasive procedures, powder may get into tissue. This can delay the healing process and lead to complications. By using powder-free gloves, the patient's safety is less likely to be compromised due to foreign particle exposure from the glove. Powder can also be uncomfortable to some healthcare workers. The powder in gloves is generally for lubrication to make them easier to get on, but special manufacturing processes now allow for gloves to be made without powder that are just as easy to put on.

Powder-free vinyl exam gloves are non-sterile. These gloves are not meant to be used in surgical procedures but are great for basic medical procedures where a superior barrier of protection is not needed. A few examples of use for this type of glove include preparing a surgical site prior to surgery and basic physical exams.

Powder-free vinyl exam gloves are ambidextrous. In other words, each glove can be used on either hand. Like most exam gloves, both sides of the glove are exactly the same and are not specific to a certain hand so there is no need to worry about picking up a glove for the wrong hand.

The Invacare powder-free vinyl exam gloves are only one example of latex-free and powder-free exam gloves. These gloves provide great value for their users. Powder-free vinyl gloves are rather inexpensive while still being a high quality, strong glove. They are priced relatively lower than latex and nitrile gloves and provide adequate hand protection and comfort in everyday use.

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Author: Cascade Healthcare