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Are You Renting Oxygen Cylinders or an Oxygen Concentrator?


Invacare Model # IOH200PV65P HomeFill Oxygen System with Concentrator

Are you renting oxygen cylinders or an oxygen concentrator? Will you be needing the cylinders or concentrator for more than a few months? You may want to consider purchasing your own oxygen concentrator or your own HomeFill Oxygen Compressor system to fill your own cylinders. Monthly rental fees can be expensive for both you and your insurance. In many cases it makes more sense to purchase a brand new oxygen system then it would be to continually rent. If you are covered by insurance you may want to call and ask them if they would pay for a new oxygen concentrator or HomeFill system. Current oxygen systems are less noisy, smaller, more energy efficient and also weigh less than older generation models. By buying a brand new unit that is covered by the manufacturer warranty you are assured to get top-of the line product without the worry of having a previously used or out of date rental model while saving you and or your insurance money as well.

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For more information on the benefits of buying your own oxygen call Cascade Healthcare Solutions at (877) 480-3028

Perform and Monitor Post-Surgical Breathing Exercises


Medline Model #DHD222500H Incentive Spirometer

Medline's Incentive Spirometers make performing and monitoring post-surgical breathing exercises easy for both patients and staff. Their highly visible graphics and pistons indicate the inspiratory flow rate while the one-way valve ensures that the patient inhales instead of exhales into the unit. Two convenient capacity options as well as an oxygen connector, handle, flexible popple tubing and bedrail holder, the Incentive Spirometer has all of the features that you need for your post-surgical breathing exercises.

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Flying with your new XPO2 Portable Concentrator


Invacare Model #XPO100 XPO2 Portable Concentrator

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the XPO2 Portable Concentrator for use onboard commercial aircraft, making traveling with your XPO2 easy! There are two main steps that you need to do before travelling.

The first step is to notify your airline and/or travel carrier and provide them information about your intent to use a portable concentrator during your travels. The travel carrier or airline may have specific rules, so be sure to ask them about how they would like you to take your XPO2 with you. The second step is you need to have a licensed physician's signed statement with you at all times during your trip. The statement can be on a standard form, the doctor's letterhead, or an airline approved form. The form needs to specify at what times during the flight process that you will need oxygen, the flow rate you will use, that you understand what to do if there is an alarm situation with the device, and your personal information that includes: name, date of birth, and the model name or number of the XPO2.

Be sure to explain at the check-in counter that you will be travelling with a portable concentrator and allow them as well as security to inspect the device. When boarding the plane, you will need to show the pilot and, if requested, the flight crew the signed physician's statement regarding the use of your XPO2 so that they know the information about your flow rates and times when you will be using the device. Please remember that you are not permitted to sit in an exit row if you plan to use the XPO2 at any time during the flight. Please also remember to charge your XPO2 before getting on the plane and when you get off of the plane so that it has enough battery life for use during the flight and when leaving the airport.

You can learn more about flying with your XPO2 on Invacare's Website.

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