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Scrub Caps for Men and Women

Posted on 19th , March 2012

Scrubs are clothes worn by medical professionals like doctors, surgeons, medical lab technicians and nurses in clinics, laboratories and hospitals. Scrubs mainly include shirts, trousers and gown. They were initially worn only in the operation theatre and that too only as replacement clothing (when the normal clothing gets stained because of patient’s blood). Gradually scrubs have become a sort of uniform for surgeons and their assistance. Today scrubs are worn by almost all medical professionals working in hospitals, clinics or laboratories.

Medical students also wear scrubs when they ‘scrub in’ for a surgery. The ‘scrub in’ is a process in which surgeons and their assistants sterilize themselves before entering an operating room. They do so by washing their arms and wearing scrub caps (also called surgical cap), masks and gloves. This is required so that a patient doesn’t catch any infection through the medical staff during surgery. In United Kingdom scrubs are known by a different name. People call them ‘Theatre Blues’ in UK. Scrubs are manufactured in such a way that it doesn’t let dirt hide anywhere in the clothing easily. They are also easy to wash and dry.

Scrub caps (also called scrub hats) became popular in the 1950s and have been used since then to protect patients from getting any infection through the hair of surgeon or his assistant. There are several types of surgeon caps. The Full face Scrub caps are usually worn by medical professionals with beard. Bouffant cap is a surgical cap which resembles bouffant (a type of hairstyle)

Various types of Bouffant & Surgeon Caps

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