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Should I buy used Medical Equipment or New Medical Equipment?

Posted on 12th , March 2012

Medical equipments are tools which are designed to help in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of medical conditions. There are several types of medical equipments like: Bariatric Equipments, Canes & Crutches, Diagnostics Equipments, Patient Lifts & Slings, Power Scooters & Wheelchairs, Recliner Chairs, Walkers & Rollators etc.  The various medical equipments men have invented over the years have helped in increasing the longevity of the mankind. Theses equipments have made treatment of once incurable diseases like ‘Ashtma’ possible.

One of the most common question when considering buying a medical equipment is, whether one should buy a used equipment or a new one. Whether you are buying medical equipment for your own practice or whether you are buying it for your hospital, you need to keep the cost of the equipment into consideration. Used equipments are cheaper than the new equipments. But they come with their own price, the price of fixing them if they break. When buying used equipments we also need to focus on the durability and present condition of the equipment.

While new equipments come with warranty, insurance and promise of being defect free. There are no such advantages with old equipments. You never know when your used equipment stop working or doesn't work in the way you intended. Moreover if your used equipment does not align well with the latest technology or process then you may find it difficult to use it effectively or claim insurance. When you are buying used equipment, bear in mind that you are buying it without any warranty and may be with some defects. Finding spare parts of the old and used equipment is also comparatively difficult. So if something breaks, you have no choice but to get rid of it. With new equipments you get customer service, instruction manual and warranty. With old equipments you get nothing but old technology which may not be the best solution for your treatment.

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