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What are Latex Gloves used for?

Posted on 26th , April 2012

Latex gloves are made from Latex, a milky fluid which is extracted from a rubber tree by shaving its bark. Since latex hardens soon after its extraction, several chemicals are added to it to keep it in a flexible state. Other chemicals are also added to latex during the manufacturing of latex gloves to increase the flexibility and tensile strength of the gloves. The gloves are hardened around the hand form through ‘formers’ (molds). The ‘formers’ decide the size and texture of the gloves. Once the forming process is complete, the gloves go through vulcanization and leaching processes. They are then rinsed, sterilized, tested and packaged to be delivered to medical products suppliers.

Latex gloves are one of the most widely used gloves. They were initially used in the healthcare industry but were soon adopted by professionals in variety of industries as they provide a good barrier to several chemicals, fluids and infections. Doctors use latex gloves to protect themselves from infections and diseases like HIV. They generally wear disposable gloves so that an infection is not transmitted from one patient to another. Latex gloves are used in laboratories to protect skin from hard chemicals like acetone and methanol. Latex gloves are used in households to protect skin from ammonia, bleach and other cleaning products. Forensic experts and police also wear latex gloves while handling evidences related to a crime scene so that they don’t accidentally leave their own fingerprints on evidence.

Where to buy Latex Gloves?

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