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What is Diabetes Logbook

Posted on 8th , May 2012

A diabetes logbook is a simple but effective tool to enable diabetics to keep track of their blood sugar levels, grams of carbohydrates (carbs) and doses of insulin. These figures are recorded against date and time.

There is generally a note common as well in a diabetic logbook to enable the diabetic to record any particular food or exercise that has taken place along with any other diabetes related events. It is possible to record blood sugar levels before and after food and track how exercise and food is affecting the diabetic's blood sugar level.

The logbook is an essential and easy way for a diabetic to remember daily readings and to share them with their doctor.  If the diabetic runs out of room in their diabetes logbook they can contact your doctor's surgery, specialist diabetes nurse or clinic for additional sets, alternatively they can download them from the internet in various formats and styles.

Logbooks come in many different formats, shapes and sizes. It is possible to keep a paper logbook, download a pre-created template or use an online application for your computer or smart phone to store your results.  Some online or computerised tools interface directly with a glucose monitor or multiple sources and are very sophisticated, enabling the diabetic to see trends at a glance using graphs and charts and manage their data effectively.

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