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What is Oxygen Therapy?

Posted on 07th , April 2012

It is a respiratory therapy which is given to those patients who have low oxygen levels in their blood. This can be due to a lung problem. Generally such patients suffer from Hpoxia. Oxygen is essential for the normal cellular function through cellular respiration (process of oxidizing food molecules) as the cell needs constant supply of oxygen. People with low oxygen levels generally feel tired and breathless when they move around. However these symptoms can also occur because of some other medical conditions. So it best that you consult your doctor and ask him to refer you to a respiratory specialist. This specialist will assess your condition to determine whether or not higher concentration of oxygen will help your condition by measuring the amount of hemoglobin that is carrying oxygen in your blood through a device known as pulse oximeter.

In an oxygen therapy the amount of oxygen in the breathing gas is increased (from the normal 21%) to 30-35%. This helps in increasing the oxygen levels in the patient's lungs and eventually results in more oxygen to the body tissues. Sometimes 100% oxygen is required like in case of infants. The amount of oxygen that is required is decided by the specialist and the patient should not alter the oxygen flow rate as too much oxygen can be dangerous.

Oxygen used for oxygen therapy is generally stored as liquid oxygen in chilled tanks or in compressed form in a gas cylinder. Oxygen concentrators are machines which are used to extract oxygen from the room air. So when a patient needs continuously supply of oxygen for a long period of time or daily then he/she is usually recommended to use an oxygen concentrator. You can get more details about oxygen concentrators through this post: What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

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