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What is Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Posted on 23rd , March 2012

This post is in conjunction with our post: What is an Oxygen Concentrator which describes oxygen concentrator in great detail. Many manufactures have been making portable oxygen concentrator since the year 2000. But what it is exactly and why anyone needs it?

Portable oxygen concentrator (or POC) as the name suggest is portable version of the traditional oxygen concentrator. POC deliver oxygen to a patient which has substantially higher concentration (almost pure oxygen) than available in the room air we breathe. It can produce 1 to 6 liters per minute of oxygen. But unlike the traditional oxygen concentrator, POC is smaller in size, lighter in weight and obviously portable. POC gives the patients (who have been prescribed oxygen therapy) more freedom esp. while travelling as they are easy to carry around.

POC can be charged at home through a regular electrical outlet. It can be charged in a car through a power adapter and it can also run on a battery. Because of its capability to be used away from the regular power source, a POC can be used in aero planes, cars, buses, train, boats etc. A FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approved POC is allowed on every flight regardless of whether or not the airline has approved the machine.

Where you can buy Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Following is a list of manufactures which sell different types of portable oxygen concentrators:

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