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What is the best portable oxygen concentrator

Posted on 24th , March 2012

This post is in conjunction with our post: What is an Oxygen Concentrator which describes Home oxygen concentrator in great detail and the post what is portable oxygen concentrator which describes portable oxygen concentrator (or POC) in great detail.

There was time when oxygen therapy patients have to become housebound once their therapy started as they can’t carry their heavy, big oxygen cylinder with them to bus, train or plane. Moreover these cylinders posed a great threat to public transport and security as they can explode if dropped or used near fire. Because of this risk many airline companies refused to board oxygen cylinder in their aircraft. With the advent of portable oxygen cylinder, lives of oxygen therapy patients that travel frequently have become relatively easy.

Though portable oxygen concentrators are easy to carry around, they are not cheap. With so many brands selling POC with dozens of different models, it is hard to decide the best POC for you. You need to consider lot of factors while purchasing POC. The most important factor to consider while purchasing portable oxygen concentrator is the amount of oxygen which should be delivered and how it should be delivered. Some POC deliver oxygen in the pulse mode, some in continuous mode and some in both modes.

When oxygen therapy patients use pulse mode, the oxygen is delivered to them in puffs. When they use continuous mode, the oxygen is delivered to them continuously. Patients generally receive oxygen in pulse mode but some patients need oxygen in continuous mode. The Invacare SOLO2 Transportable Concentrator can deliver oxygen both in Pulse mode and continuous mode. It comes with AC/DC power options and supplemental battery which offer oxygen therapy patients the flexibility to travel without worrying about running out of oxygen. If you frequently travel by plane then you should purchase a portable oxygen concentrator which is approved by ‘Federal Aviation Administration’ (FFA). FFA approved POCs are the only POCs which are allowed by air line companies and they offer enough battery power to last through even a long flight. The Invacare XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator w/ Supplemental Battery is approved by FFA.

Where you can buy Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Following is a list of manufactures which sell different types of portable oxygen concentrators:

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