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What You Need To Know Before Buying Exam Gloves

Posted on 09th , March 2012

Nonsterile gloves are commonly used by healthcare professionals because they are inexpensive and prevent general contamination of germs for nonsurgical procedures. They are much easier to fit than sterile gloves, and are just as easy to take off. Because of the cost, the process of sanitization and the method of disposal, sterile gloves should only be worn during surgery.

The powder-free, latex free and ambidextrous exam gloves (gloves which can be fitted on either hand) improve the strength and grip of exam gloves while reducing skin reactions for individuals who are hypersensitive to powder and latex. This is the main reason powder-free nitrile exam gloves are recommended for use in tasks that may involve a lot of tension and handling of biohazard wastes as well as harsh chemicals.

Nitrile is a unique type of substance that possesses elasticity as rubber, but practically eliminates the skin reactions normally associated with latex exam gloves. The original development of this material was for the abrasion and chemical industry, but later this material also served following purpose:

  1. It was used in the manufacturing of exam gloves
  2. To protect workers from potentially high risk contamination accidents.

The Benefits of Disposable Nitrile Exam Gloves

  1. Nitrile gloves provide a reasonable barrier against harsh chemicals and biohazard substances
  2. They are less vulnerable to punctures and tears
  3. They have less potential to ooze liquids
  4. They also naturally resist electric charges 
  5. These gloves are preferred in the lab environment for its touch sensitivity and make the lab technician more dexterous in pouring and mixing chemicals
  6. They have more natural feeling than latex gloves
  7. They resist attraction of pathogens
  8. They have extended wearability


The patented Invacare powder-free vinyl exam gloves were designed for those who have skin sensitivity to powder and latex. They are an affordable solution for many healthcare and non-health care individuals. They offer versatile uses for a number of tasks and are an extremely comfortable. Unlike latex, vinyl gloves offer more durability and are less vulnerable to rips or tears. This is especially important when handling biohazard materials or chemicals that would irritate the skin. 

All vinyl gloves labeled as exam gloves must go through a stringent test of quality. While vinyl gloves can be used in most medical settings, they should not be used in high-risk contamination scenarios because they do not provide the protection against harmful chemicals like in the case of handling chemotherapy drugs.

When purchasing exam gloves three things must be considered: the type of task involved, allergy sensitivity to materials in exam gloves, and durability needed when handling chemicals and biohazard fluids. The use of powder and latex free gloves can minimize skin irritation and powder contamination that may occur during medical procedures. It also may prevent possibility of an allergic reaction.

Other Latex Free Gloves:

  1. Accutouch Synthetic Exam Gloves
  2. Curad 3G PF Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves
  3. Curad PF Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves
  4. Ultra Synthetic Exam Gloves
  5. SensiCare Sterile PF Vinyl Exam Gloves
  6. MediGuard Select Synthetic Exam Gloves (Economical choice)
  7. Generation Pink Vinyl Exam Gloves
  8. Aloetouch 3G Exam Gloves
  9. Aloetouch Ultra IC Exam Gloves
  10. Ultra 12" Stretch Vinyl Exam Gloves

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Author: Cascade Healthcare