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Advance Your Hygiene with Brondell's Swash Bidet Toilet Seats


Brondell Model # S1000-RW Swash 1000

When it comes to cleaning your body the single most effective way to clean any part of your body is by using fresh, clean water. Brondell's line of Swash Bidet Toilet Seats combine the conventional toilet seat with cleaning functionality of a bidet. By combining the two types of products, the Swash advanced bidet toilets provide a toileting seat that cleans, soothes, and refreshes users with a personal warm water wash at the push of a button. The Swash quickly and easily replaces your existing toilet seat in approximately a half hour and can be installed without a plumber. With a customer satisfaction rate of over 97%, you can be sure that you will love the shower-fresh all day long feeling that it provides.

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Author: Cascade Healthcare