BD PosiFlush SF Normal Saline Syringe

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BD PosiFlush SF Saline Flush Syringe is designed specifically for flush procedures performed on a sterile field, thereby decreasing risk of infection and medication errors. BD PosiFlush SF is terminally sterilized in its peel pouch, which means it can be aseptically presented to any sterile field - just peel and present. The standard 10 ml syringe diameter optimizes pressure distribution and fully complies with PICC manufacturer flushing recommendations. Unique plunger rod design significantly reduces reflux. Clear labeling and bar coding significantly improve solution visibility and reduce the potential for medication errors. Latex-free; Preservative-free.

1 case (240 units)

240 Each / Case
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  • BND306553


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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