COVID-19 Shopping Secrets: 5 High-Demand Healthcare Products You Can Still Find

Posted by Lisa Bott, MBA on Apr 15th 2020

COVID-19 Shopping Secrets: 5 High-Demand Healthcare Products You Can Still Find

COVID-19 Shopping Secrets: 5 High-Demand Healthcare Products You Can Still Find

Available as of posting on 15th, April 2020

During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the nation is experiencing supply chain disruption as personal protectant equipment (PPE) and other essential medical supplies are in high demand with limited availability. Fortunately, we still have these five highly sought after product types in stock with 1-3 business day delivery.

1. Pulse Oximeters
A pulse oximeter monitors heart rate and blood-oxygen levels to make sure the lungs are functioning properly. Having a pulse oximeter at home allows you to monitor oxygen saturation level trends, which could be very helpful to someone quarantined with COVID-19 when recommended by your physician.

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Healthsmart Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

2. Nebulizer Compressors
A nebulizer compressor is intended for the treatment of asthma, COPD, and other respiratory diseases and disorders. The compressor forces air into the nebulizer which converts the prescribed medication into an aerosol of microscopic droplets that can easily be inhaled. When recommended by your physician, a nebulizer compressor used in conjunction with prescribed medication can help alleviate symptoms of COVID-19.

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Mckesson Compressor Nebulizer System

Reliamed Compressor Nebulizer

3. Disposable Washcloths
Disposable washcloths are hard to find due to manufacturer restrictions as a result of COVID-19. Disposable washcloths are used as a gentle cleansing solution for all-over body use on all adult skin types. The snap lid, designed to stay open and easily dispense wipes, allows one-handed application for convenience and minimized risks of cross-contamination.

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StayDry Disposable Washcloths with Aloe and Vitamin E 

StayDry Disposable Washcloths

4. Oxygen Concentrators
An oxygen concentrator delivers highly purified oxygen through the nasal cannula by pulling in the surrounding air, compressing it, and removing nitrogen from it. Stationary oxygen concentrators are generally used for the home treatment of low blood oxygen levels caused by acute conditions like asthma or pneumonia, or chronic diseases like COPD and cystic fibrosis. Occasionally, home use of an oxygen concentrator may be prescribed by a physician for those recovering from severe cases of COVID-19.

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Companion 5 with OCSI

5. Respiratory Therapy Accessories
Like the other products on this list, respiratory therapy accessories like nasal cannulas, tubing, and masks are hard to find due to manufacturer restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. These products are used in conjunction with nebulizer compressors or oxygen concentrators and are currently in stock and on sale.

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McKesson Aerosol Mask

McKesson Adult Nasal Cannula

Medline Nebulizer Mouthpieces

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