Have a Good Hoyer and Avoid a Lawyer

Posted by Kevin Lambing, Homecare Consultant on Jun 1st 2021

Have a Good Hoyer and Avoid a Lawyer

Caring for a senior at home or in a hospital setting can be a challenge, especially when the senior or patient has limited mobility. For those that are limited in their mobility, getting in and out of bed can be dangerous for the patient and a potential for a caregiver to get seriously injured on the job which could end up being a workman's compensation nightmare or employee lawsuit.

So what can be used to help alleviate this potential issue? Enter the Hoyer Lift. In 1951, Ted Hoyer, who himself was a quadraplegic, created the medical equipment we now know as the Hoyer Lift.

While there are many styles of lifts now available, the basic concept is the same--a comfortable sling is placed under the patient who needs assistance moving and is securely attached to an arm that extends in various directions to get the patient where they need to go. The hydraulic arm moves the person into the air and in the direction they need to be while putting no stress on the patient or the caregiver.

Joerns Healthcare offers some amazing lifts that can make the lives of patients and caregivers much easier. The Joerns Hoyer Professional Lift for home care or the heavier duty Joerns Hoyer Professional Journey Lift for a hospital setting.

The new Journey Lift is a fully portable folding stand-aid with best-in-class functionality that is ultra-compact. The Journey Lift is small and lightweight, making it much easier for the caregiver to maneuver in limited spaces, and folds up for easy storage or transport. The Journey Lift has the first cow-horn mechanism on the market that will support a wide range of patient heights and sizes, allowing your facility the ability to service multiple patients.

The New Journey and Hoyer Advance feature a Smart Monitor control box which is programmable and will accurately record vital lift utilization and full service data. And it’s easy to read LCD screens that provide valuable information for your staff at the touch of a button.

The Hoyer Advance model is small enough for the home but can handle a wide range of transfers. The Advance model can handle any transfer situation with ease and is constructed with a tapered leg design that allows it to approach even around bulky household items and furniture.

If you are looking for an easy way to safely transport a family member or patient, the Joerns Healthcare Hoyer lifts are great picks for the family caregiver or the hardworking professional caregiver. 

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