Prevent Falls with these Innovative Tools by Skil-Care

Posted by Kevin Lambing, Homecare Consultant on Jul 7th 2021

Prevent Falls with these Innovative Tools by Skil-Care

According to the CDC, about 36 million older adults fall each year which results in more than 32,000 deaths annually. One in five falls result in a serious injury like a broken bone or a head trauma which can snowball into many other issues including cognitive decline down the road.

I speak of this stat daily with families that I serve, along with social workers and discharge planners, to make sure they know how serious I take fall prevention and that I do all I can to help families mitigate potential fall hazards around the home.

That is why I was so excited to speak with Jeffery Steckler from the Skil-Care team. He has the same passion we do in helping seniors age at home safely. We had a long conversation going over some simple items that the Skil-Care team carries that make daily living safer for you or your senior loved one.

The first item I like to help keep someone safe and secure in bed is the Skil-Care Bed Side Rail Pads, they are easy to clean and will keep our seniors safe from brushing up against or hitting metal constantly which can cause serious skin abrasions over time.

The next item is for the times our loved one may have a tumble out of bed. We can help lower their chances of injury using the Skil-Care EZ Landing Fall Mat. This simple mat design can help protect from a serious injury because it absorbs impact energy. And because it is low profile and slip resistant, this makes it easier for transfers in and out of the bed without difficulty.

Next up is the Thin-Line Econo-Gel Cushion. All falls don’t happen just on the floor. Sitting down repeatedly into a chair or wheelchair overtime can cause wear and tear on the skin and lower back pain. Having a gel-cushion in place can help relieve pressure and reduce skin shear. The material is easy to clean and the outer shell can be removed so you can simply throw it in the washing machine if it gets soiled.

Last but not least is this must-have, the PathoShield Wipe-Clean Gait Belt. This is not just an important potentially life saving device that helps the senior, but it also helps the family caregiver or medical professional that is trying to assist in a move. The amount of preventable falls and potential back injuries for the care provider that can be avoided by using this amazing tool cannot be underestimated.

Not only is this gait belt strong, it also addresses infection control by offering a smooth liquid proof wipeable surface. It is sealed with no stitching to help avoid penetration of bacteria and disinfects easily with a simple wipe of a bleach type cloth.

The friendly and knowledgeable team at Skil-Care has put together a trove of amazing products that you can find at If you would like to learn more about these items, please reach out to Cascade Healthcare Solutions at 877-480-3028 and we can see what items would best fit your needs. 

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