Six Must-Have Tools For New Nurses

Posted by Lisa Bott, MBA on Mar 24th 2017

Six Must-Have Tools For New Nurses

Vein Illuminator
The VeinViewer Flex is a handheld device that uses near-infrared light to capture an image of veins and then projects the image on the patient's skin. Inserting an IV or drawing blood on a patient with small veins is one of the most common challenges for nurses so this tool attempts to make the process easier. The VeinViewer Flex can show clinical relevant veins as deep as 10 mm.

Cheat Sheets
Quick references can remind nurses about important information that is not memorized like normal ranges for Chem-7 and CBC values, insulin onset times, and dosage calculations. There is also a quick reference that doubles as a clipboard for nurses that is made by NSRG.

Job Review Sites
Effective nurses know that their effectiveness requires a team effort. The quality of the staff around them and the support of the supervisors for their floor or clinic can make a major impact on the ability for nurses to provide the highest quality patient care. Online reviews of hospitals can provide insights into what it is like to work somewhere and whether it will provide a supportive work environment. Do managers maintain reasonable nurse to patient ratios? Are the doctors pleasant to work with? These are useful things to know before accepting a position. Glassdoor is another popular source of reviews for many major hospitals. If your current work environment is not providing the job satisfaction you are looking for, nursing job boards are constantly posting new jobs to explore.

Utility Scrubs
You don't want to be in the situation where you are about to perform a treatment on a patient and discover you are missing some required supplies like dressings or a saline flush. Utility scrubs come with several pockets to hold all the tools you need from scissors to your smart phone.

Davis's Drug Guide App
In the past nurses had to reference a book to check for side effects and drug interactions which may be out of date based on the publication date. Today, smart phone apps allow nurses to reference drug information more quickly and accurately. Information can be updated much more frequently with a mobile application so you can be sure the information is current. The Davis's Drug Guide is one of the top drug reference apps and provides additional features helpful to nurses like dosage calculators and critical safety alerts.

Translation Apps
When treating patients who speak another language, you may need to page a translator if the hospital even has one for the language you need. However, translation applications are improving rapidly and may be able to provide some help when you need to communicate in another language. Google Translate is one of the most popular apps for this and the conversation mode can provide two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages.

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