Take Your Mobility to the Next Level with the Jazzy Air 2 Elevated Wheelchair

Posted by Kevin Lambing, Homecare Consultant on Jun 9th 2021

Take Your Mobility to the Next Level with the Jazzy Air 2 Elevated Wheelchair

During this past year, people of all ages have been less mobile due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Out-of-home mobility has probably never been more important than right now due to the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to take advantage of social, cultural, and physical activities are more meaningful because so many have been stuck at home.

As things start to open back up many impaired people may want to get out more and need tools to help them be mobile. The Pride Mobility Jazzy Air 2 is the perfect transport option for those that want a smooth ride along with some innovative features.

The Jazzy Air 2 seat elevates 12” in just 11 seconds with just the touch of a switch while moving, so the rider can be fully involved in social engagements. The chair also boasts enhanced performance and stability through its Mid Wheel 6® Drive and Active-Trac® Suspension so the rider will have stability at all times both in and outdoors.

The Jazzy Air 2 is also very easy to navigate in small spaces. The mid-wheel drive has an impressive 20.75” turning radius, giving the rider the confidence to take their chair wherever they want. The Jazzy Air 2 can reach speeds of 4mph and the range of travel is an impressive 16.8 miles on average. The rider also has the added advantage of Bright LED marker lights to offer visibility in all environments.

If you are looking for a great next generation mobile wheelchair, the Jazzy Air 2 is the perfect choice for those that want more mobility and everyday freedom.

Shop the Jazzy Air 2 now at Cascade Healthcare Solutions for our Best Price Guarantee, unparalleled customer service, and delivery in an average of 1-3 business days. 

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