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BOOST Glucose Control is a great tasting healthy snack specifically formulated for people with diabetes that has been clinically shown to help manage blood glucose levels.

BOOST Glucose Control is a great anytime snack for a healthy, active lifestyle.
Busy schedules make healthy eating difficult. BOOST Glucose Control can help. In its convenient plastic bottle, BOOST Glucose Control is always available for you.

BOOST Glucose Control is consistent with ADA Guidelines.
In a clinical study with individuals with type 2 diabetes2, BOOST Glucose Control Drinks produced a blood glucose peak within the American Diabetes Association guideline. ADA recommends a peak glucose level after eating to be less than 180 mg/dL.

Snacks are usually not intended to be equal to the amount of food or calories in a meal. BOOST Glucose Control has only 190 calories in an 8 oz serving which makes it a smart choice.


  • Formulated as an anytime snack for people with diabetes to keep their blood glucose levels consistent with ADA guidelines. In its convenient plastic bottles, BOOST Glucose Control is a great snack that goes where you go!
  • Can give you healthy energy, satisfy your snack craving or tide you over until meal time in a way that helps you manage your diabetes - not throw it out of control!
  • Contains a balance of protein, fat and a slow-digesting carbohydrate that has been clinically shown to help manage blood glucose levels.
  • Contain less sugars, less carbohydrate and more protein than comparable Glucerna products.

  • 27 Each / Case
    Part Number(s):
    • DOY360100 - Vanilla
    • DOY360200 - Chocolate
    • DOY360300 - Strawberry


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