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Save Money and Make Caregiving Easier with a Patient Lift


Invacare Model # 9805P Hydraulic Lift

If you are an assisted living or an adult family home owner you may want to consider purchasing a patient lift. Many residents over time eventually end up needing a patient lift and a trend is forming with adult family home owners where they are purchasing patient lifts for each of their locations. There are many reasons to purchase a patient lift but the main reasons are the following:

1) Reassure current and future resident families that you can provide for their loved ones for the long term.
2) Less staff on hand to care for residents that need help either getting up or transferring saves owners money.
3) Lifts can be inexpensive and will pay for themselves in the long run.
4) New patient lifts are covered by manufacturer warranty ensuring you will be covered if there is a problem with the lift.

5) Whether you are helping a resident get to a standing position or transferring them from their bed to their wheelchair, patient lifts can make everyday patient care much easier for caregivers.

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Author: Cascade Healthcare