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5 Fun Family Activities for Improving Fitness

Posted on 06th , September 2012

Good health and fitness are important for people of all ages, from childhood to our senior years. While it can be hard to get the kids motivated to tear themselves away from the television, video games or just spending hours online, giving children a life-long appreciation of physical activities is a priceless gift.

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the best ways to encourage children to become active is by setting a good example yourself. By making it fun for the entire family instead of turning it into an unwelcome chore, in no time at all every member of the family will be on their way to reaping all of the awards that fitness and health can bring.

Disc golf: An affordable sport for everyone

Consider getting involved in a new sport that everyone in the family can enjoy. Disc golf, similar to ball golf but played with a Frisbee, or disc, is easy to learn with starter discs available for as little as $10 and most courses free to play on.

Many communities throughout the U.S. offer free clinics teaching kids as young as two years old, and even seniors into their mid-90s and beyond!

According to the University of Utah's Vice President of Physical Education, disc golf is a life-long activity that can be played by individuals with varying skills, offering upper and lower body strength as well as cardiovascular benefits and a decreased risk of serious injury, making it a safe, fun and family-friendly activity.

Bike ride

Consider getting everyone in the family a bicycle and developing a routine of going out on bike rides after dinner, or spending the weekend riding on a fun path or trail in different locations to mix things up. Make it even more fun by tracking mileage progress through a chart and using stickers when a milestone is reached.

Family hikes

Family hikes in the beautiful outdoors are an excellent way to develop good exercise habits in kids as well as an affinity for nature. Add to the fun of exploring trails by involving the entire family on choosing the route. By making it an exploration to discover interesting plants and wildlife, it won't even seem like exercise. Young children can be encouraged by counting flowers or trees along the way and singing songs.

Yard games

You don't have to go far to find a way to incorporate fun physical activities into your daily life. A game of tag, kickball, flag football, or even just tossing the ball is a great way to get the family outside and keeping everyone fit.

Competitions and charity events

Training for an event is a good way to motivate almost anyone to exercise. Many charities receive funding through walks, bike rides and runs that give an extra special meaning to fitness. Preparing for the event gives the family an excuse to encourage each other to get ready for the “big race day.”

The trick, according to Consumer Reports Food & Fitness, is to avoid the “E” word (exercise), and instead focus on the pure pleasure of it. Most of all, just have fun!

Creative Commons photo by luluemonathletica