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Posted on 14th , August 2012

By Michael Branch
As we age our bodies become less tolerant to the world around us, exercising becomes harder and high impact sports can have a marked effect on our health. However, it is still extremely important to maintain a healthy body and mind as we move into our senior years, low impact exercises are the key to staying fit and having a brighter out look on life. Here are five great ways to keep your body strong as you move into your sixties.

1. Tai Chi This ancient Chinese martial art dates back to 1420 AD and has been utilized by the Asian culture to maintain a healthy body and mind for centuries. It is a great exercise that uses smooth, fluid body motions coupled with intense concentration to deliver a great workout without the pain associated with some workout routines. Tai Chi builds strength, balance, concentration, stability and is a great social class to attend for those over sixty.

2. The morning walk One of the most underrated exercises we can undertake is a simple walk. Many seniors utilize the morning walk as a way to start their day, grab a newspaper and invigorate their minds. It is a great way to get some endorphins flowing, enjoy the morning sun and take a little time to clear your head. Daily walking has proven health benefits and is an easy way to keep in shape and stay fit into your later years.

3. Aqua-aerobics Most local gyms and swimming centers offer aqua-aerobics classes on a regular basis and are a great way to get moving. It provides an extremely low impact manner in which to stay toned and healthy. Predominantly utilized by seniors, aqua-aerobics has proven benefits and can be a relaxing way to cool off. Contact your local senior's center and get in shape.

4. Body weight exercises A simple manner in which to carry out your over sixties workout is to utilize the body your were born with, Spending thirty minutes a day doing body weight exercises is an outstanding way to build muscles. Simple squats, dips using a chair, push ups, leg raises and crunches can have a great impact on your health status. Take it easy at first and go at your own pace; there is after all no need to injure yourself.

5. Pilates Pilates is an exercise regime that is great for the aging population, providing a low impact and social manner in which to conduct your daily exercises. You can catch a class at most local fitness centers or buy a DVD online or at your local store. It is an extremely popular way to exercise without the pain of heavy workouts and with a great low impact risk matrix. Pilates promotes strength, balance, flexibility and muscles tone. Check out your local gym for a class.

As we age, so do our bodies, but there is no reason we can't remain active and keep fit and healthy. Staying fit reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and has many other proven health benefits. Consult your medical practitioner before starting any new fitness regime and try one of these great, low impact exercise routines to keep fit.