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How to Determine if You Need a Bedrail


Standers, Inc. Model #STD5000 Bed Rail Advantage Traveler & Organizer

Before purchasing a bedrail it is important to determine if a bedrail is right for you. If one of these categories fits your needs you may want to consider purchasing a bed rail:

1)  Need aid in repositioning or turning in bed

2)  When getting out of bed you require a hand hold to assist you

3)   Want ease of mind by having a bed rail for comfort and security

4)  Are worried about falling out of bed and want to feel safe

5)  Would like to keep items handy in a bedrail pouch

If any of the categories mentioned above fit someone you know, or your personal needs then a bedrail can improve quality of life by providing the safety, support, confidence and reassurance needed to live safely and independently. If you are not sure which bedrail to choose please call customer service at (877) 480-3028

You can learn more about bedrails on Stander's Website.

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Author: Cascade Healthcare