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Improve Hand Hygiene While Keeping Your Hands Soft


Medline Model #MDS195285 Aloetouch Ice PF Nitrile Exam Gloves

Medline's Aloetouch Exam Gloves are helping healthcare workers improve hygiene compliance while improving skin condition with aloe vera. -According to a recent poll, 97 percent of operating room nurses surveyed said that aloe-coated exam gloves would improve hand hygiene compliance in their facilities.

The poll clearly shows that with healthcare workers, hands feeling better, compliance to glove and hand washing protocols will improve significantly. Greater compliance means killing microorganisms while preventing hospital-acquired infections.

The inside of the Aloetouch Exam Gloves are coated with pure aloe vera gel to keep the skin soft and when they are combined with Sterillium Comfort Gel, which kills over 99 percent of nosocomial pathogens within 15 seconds, healthcare workers have healthy and moisturized skin.

You can learn more about the Aloetouch study on Medline's Website.

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Author: Cascade Healthcare