Commonly Asked Questions About Medicare and Insurance Reimbursement

Does Cascade Healthcare Solutions process insurance or Medicare?

Cascade Healthcare Solutions can not accept insurance as payment or bill your insurance because it does not work directly with insurance companies. Credit or debit card payment is required at the time of purchase and you can seek reimbursement from your insurance company and or Medicare afterwards. We recommend contacting your insurance company and or Medicare for information on their specific eligibility requirements.

Will Medicare reimburse me for my purchase?

If you have Medicare and want to know if Medicare will reimburse you for the product you are looking to purchase you will need to call them at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227), give them your Medicare ID number and also give them the HCPCS code of the product you would like to get reimbursement for.

Common HCPCS Codes:

Oxygen Concentrators: E1390
Portable Oxygen Concentrators: E1390/E1392
microAIR Mattresses: E0277

If you don't see the product you are interested in ordering listed under the common HCPCS codes list please feel free to shoot us a call at (877) 480-3028 to get the HCPCS code for your specific product.

How do I submit my reimbursement request to Medicare?

If you have Medicare coverage and would like to be reimbursed for your purchase you will need to give them a copy of your prescription from your physician for the type of medical equipment prescribed with your diagnosis. After your purchase is complete, you will need to print out a copy of your CHS receipt/order confirmation, as well as print and fill out a copy of Medicare's one-page claim form (1490 form). Some equipment requires a Certificate of Medical Necessity. Once you have your prescription, receipt and Medicare claim form ready you can turn them in to your Medicare carrier. Medicare usually reimburses up to 80% of the price with your secondary carrier typically covering the rest.

Why should I buy from Cascade Healthcare Solutions?

We know that saving money is important and because Cascade Healthcare Solutions does not process insurance or Medicare our pricing competes with other online companies/authorized dealers that only accept private payment for purchases. This helps keep our pricing to be less than providers who process insurance and commonly charge the maximum amount allowed by Medicare. Since Medicare generally only covers up to 80% of the price of qualified products then customers without secondary insurance are stuck with a larger bill for the remaining 20% when they purchase from medical product companies that can process Medicare.

For example: A common amount for a provider that can process Medicare would charge for an electric patient lift would be $4,000.00 USD. If you qualified with Medicare to be covered for the lift then you would have to cover the 20% of the price that Medicare won't cover which in this example would be a total of $800.00 USD.

CHS offers a wide variety of electric patient lifts but an average price for one we offer would be $2,500.00 USD. If you qualified with Medicare to have them reimburse you for 80% of your electric patient lift purchase in this example then your 20% co-pay would only be $500.00 USD.

Cascade Healthcare Solutions also offers exemplary service and is there for you if and when any issues were to occur with the product that you purchased. If you encounter an issue with your product just call customer service at (877) 480-3028 and we will be more than happy to help get your problem taken care of.

Customers Renting Equipment

If you know that you will need the product for more than just a couple of months, in many cases it makes sense for customers to purchase the product and save money in the long run. Medicare typically requires that individuals rent equipment for 13-36 months before they can own it for items like wheelchairs, hospital beds, hospital mattresses, and patient lifts. Since the total cost of renting can be higher that the purchase price, many individuals choose to buy equipment on their own.

The reasons to purchase your own medical equipment rather than renting are many but some of the main benefits are that the products purchased from CHS are brand new and come standard with a new manufacturer warranty that starts to take effect the day the product ships out. With a new product that is covered by warranty you can be assured that the product is much less likely to have issues or breakdown than a used rental product would. The brands we offer are the top brands in the industry and because the products we offer are new they are also the most current and top rated products that are available.

If you have any questions about the Medicare/Insurance reimbursement process please call us at (877) 480-3028.