Mid Profile Cushion with Sensor Ready Technology and Smart Check

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Product Overview

Smart Check by ROHO is a cushion feedback system that is intended to assist the user by saving an inflation range during cushion setup.

During subsequent inflation level checks, Smart Check is intended to indicate whether adjustments are needed to remain in the saved range. Smart Check must be connected to a ROHO Single Compartment Cushion with Sensor Ready Technology.

The ROHO Mid Profile Single Compartment Cushion is an air filled, adjustable, cellular design, wheelchair support surface that utilizes DRY FLOATATION technology and is designed to conform to an individual's seated shape. This product is recommended for individuals of any weight* who may require skin/soft tissue protection while seated.

ROHO, Inc. recommends that a clinician such as a doctor or therapist experienced in seating and positioning be consulted to determine if the Mid Profile Single Compartment Cushion is appropriate for the individual's particular seating needs.

If you are using a wheelchair with a sling seat, ROHO, Inc. recommends the use of the ROHO Contour Base, the ROHO Planar Solid Seat Insert, or a solid seat platform in conjunction with your wheelchair cushion for best positioning results.

Smart Check Features

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Press-to-check inflation monitor
  • Stores user inflation level
  • Offers Smart and Optional Setup modes
  • Ability to reset - can store new inflation level for individual physiological changes over time
  • Unlimited frequency to check
  • Automatic power off
  • Detachable
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • 24-Month Limited Warranty
  • Applications:

    The MID PROFILE Single Compartment Cushion is recommended for seated individuals who may:
  • Have a history of skin/soft tissue breakdown and/or any stage pressure ulcer (including deep tissue injury), skin grafts, and/or myocutaneous flap surgery
  • Currently have skin/soft tissue breakdown and/or any stage pressure ulcer (including deep tissue injury)
  • Be at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown and/or deep tissue injury
  • Have normal or impaired sensation
  • Require accommodation of pelvic asymmetry, up to approximately 2in/5cm
  • Includes

  • Cover
  • Hand Inflation Pump
  • Patch Kit
  • Owners Manual

  • 1 Each / Each
    Part Number(s):
    • 1R1010M-CA-SR - 18.25 X 18.25 X 3.25
    • 1R1011M-CA-SR - 18.25 X 20.00 X 3.25
    • 1R109M-CA-SR - 18.25 X 16.50 X 3.25
    • 1R1110M-CA-SR - 20.00 X 18.25 X 3.25
    • 1R1111M-CA-SR - 20.00 X 20.00 X 3.25
    • 1R77M-CA-SR - 13.25 X 13.25 X 3.25
    • 1R78M-CA-SR - 13.25 X 14.75 X 3.25
    • 1R88M-CA-SR - 14.75 X 14.75 X 3.25
    • 1R89M-CA-SR - 14.75 X 16.50 X 3.25
    • 1R910M-CA-SR - 16.50 X 18.25 X 3.25
    • 1R99M-CA-SR - 16.50 X 16.50 X 3.25


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