Motion Detection Bed Alarm System 3

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AliMed PIR Alarm Systems are simple, safe and dependable motion-detection technology to help manage patient care and fall prevention. The PIR Alarm works just like automatic motion-detection lights. When the beam is interrupted, the alarm is sounded.

The PIR beam is narrow and fan-shaped so that only the bedside area is monitored. The alarm won't go off when staff members enter the room. These systems eliminate the hazards associated with cords - tripping and accidental wire pulls are eliminated.

System 3: AliMed Motion Detection Bed Alarm with Remote Receiver/Alarm Unit Ideal for facilities that are not "hardwired" with a nurse call station but still want remote notification of patients exiting their beds. It consists of the PIR Remote Alarm and a Remote Receiver/Alarm Unit that can be mounted outside a patient's room. The bedside alarm can be set to sound or remain silent. With either setting, it transmits a signal to the Remote Receiver/Alarm Unit, which sounds and flashes simultaneously, making it easy to identify the patient in need. The Remote Receiver/Alarm Unit can receive a signal up to 100' away from the PIR Alarm. System comes complete with all mounting materials and batteries.
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