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Muscle Stimulator and TENS Device In One


BioMedical Life Systems Model #BMLKBNMSP BioStim Digital NMS + Muscle Stimulator

BioMedical Life Systems offers a unique electrotherapy device that incorporates both the muscle training benefits of a muscle stimulator as well as the pain therapy benefits of a TENS unit in one compact and user friendly device.

The BioStim Digital NMS + Muscle Stimulator is not only easy to use but it also features a 2.5" LCD screen and digital keypad as well as simple to understand operating instructions for guiding users through the device's operations.

Features of the unit include five pre-programmed therapies and three types of stimulation to ensure ease of use. The unit's settings can be adjusted however based on the user's specific needs.

The kit the device comes with also includes a carrying case, lead wires, four electrodes and a 5-year limited warranty so that users have a all-in-one solution for their muscle stimulating/TENS unit needs.

For more information on the BioStim Digital NMS + Muscle Stimulator click here.

Author: Cascade Healthcare