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Performance Wheelchairs for Exercise and Competitive Sports


Invacare Model #FRCG Top End Force G Handcycle

Exercise is an important component of a healthy life and even if you are incapable of running like you used to, there are still ways to get a great workout to keep your cardiovascular system in shape.

If you do not able to run, one alternative is the Excelerator Handcycle, which is a bike that you power with your arms. It has a max speed of 15 miles per hour and is built to climb hills with ease. If your primary method of transportation is typically a wheel chair, you can still hit the trails or participate in bike races with this high-end hand bike.

There are even handcycling competitions across the country where top athletes compete like the Redlands Bicycle Classic in Redland, California or the Tour de Nez in Reno, Nevada.

Top End Force G Handcycle is a handcycle that is built for speed. The aerodynamic design allows for optimal acceleration and maximum speed. It's 27 speeds and high performance wheels are perfect for the more ambitious handcyclers who would like to "fly like a jet".

If you are interested in competitive wheelchair sports like basketball, then a Top End Paul Schulte Signature BB be what you need. This performance wheelchair was designed specifically for playing basketball with it's custom aluminum frame and high performance basketball wheels. Paul Schulte is a wheelchair basketball legend who plays for the US paralympic team and is also an engineer at Top End.

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