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OTCS0468C2   Liquid Antacid (Compare to Maalox)
OTC78916   Liquid Antihistamine (Compare to Benadryl)
TORTT410   Liquid Bonding Cement
14732700   Liquid Pain Reliever 160 mg, McKesson - 16 oz.
20282700   Liquid Pain Reliever 500 mg, McKesson - 8 oz.
17122700   Liquid Sore Throat Relief, sunmark - 6 fl. oz.
NUH2400   Liquid Waterproof Adhesive with Applicator Cap
KND3208PK   Lisco Sponge
MDS0890109   Lister Bandage Scissors
MDS10478Z   Lister Bandage Scissors (floor grade)
25-702-000   Lister Bandage Scissors Stainless Steel 5-1/2" without Clip
25-704-000   Lister Bandage Scissors Stainless Steel 7-1/4" without Clip
W-L70895   Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash
W-L42720   Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash
GP160   LiteRider PTC
GP162   LiteRider PTC 162
DYNJP9003   Lithotomy Drape with Attached Leggings and Anesthesia Screen
DYNJP9000   Lithotomy Pack I
DYNJP9010   Lithotomy Pack II
DYNJP9020   Lithotomy Pack III
DYNJP9030   Lithotomy Pack IV
DYNJP9050   Lithotomy Pack VI
DYNJP9002   Lithotomy Surgical Drape with Attached Leggings
SQB020917   Little Ones ActiveLife One-Piece Custom Urostomy Pouch with Skin Barrier
SQB411633   Little Ones One-Piece Extra Small Drainable Pouch
SQB401925BX   Little Ones SUR-FIT Natura Flexible Skin Barrier
SQB401930BX   Little Ones Two Piece Standard Closed End Pouch
SQB411637BX   Little Ones Two-Piece Adhesive Coupling Technology Drainable Pouch
SQB411641   Little Ones Two-Piece Adhesive Coupling Technology Skin Barrier
SQB411642   Little Ones Two-Piece Adhesive Coupling Technology Skin Barrier
SQB401927BX   Little Ones Two-Piece Standard Drainable Pouch
SQB401929   Little Ones Two-Piece Standard Urostomy Pouch
SQB020922   Little OnesActiveLifeOne-Piece Custom Urostomy Pouch with Skin Barrier
URO6001   Little Red Valve
20404001   Little Sucker Oral-Nasal Suction Device
MDS0809714   Littler Suture Scissors
ESE1560   Lletz-Tungsten Loop Electrodes
3011   Lock & 2 Keys For Safe-Innerst Grafco
3012   Lock & 2 Keys For Safe-Outerst Grafco
848LC   Lockable 2-Piece Poly Cover for 848 Bulk Truck, Black
CSTR84GB1L   Locking Caster for Garment Racks
GIC-51000M446   Locking Casters for FCE1100 BED
MDSRAILKNOB   Locking Rail Knobs
MDS80314H   Locking Raised 5 1/2" Toilet Seat
MDS80316H   Locking Raised 5 1/2" Toilet Seat with Arms
G30260H   Locking Raised 5" Toilet Seat
G30270AH   Locking Raised 5" Toilet Seat with Arms
ZCHRTS03   Locking Raised Toilet Seat
ZCHRTS01   Locking Raised Toilet Seat with Arms
ATR910840   LoFric Cath-Kit Male
ATR9830840   LoFric Hydro-Kit
ATR9831240   LoFric Hydro-Kit
ATR9831640   LoFric Hydro-Kit
ATR9840840   LoFric Hydro-Kit
ATR9850840   LoFric Hydro-Kit
ATR9851240   LoFric Hydro-Kit
ATR9851440   LoFric Hydro-Kit
ATR9871040   LoFric Hydro-Kit
ATR901240   LoFric Hydrophilic Catheter
ATR941440   LoFric Hydrophilic Catheter
ATR9341040   LoFric Ready Kit
LFS052289   Logbook Diabetic
27550   Lolo Handicap ADA Pool Lift
77   Long Bolt and Nut to attach 56, 58, & 91 racks
640-5401-0000   Long Handle Call Bell
DUR8172   Long Handled Bath Sponge
61123000   Long Heel Protector Boot - One Size Fits Most
HRMBU3004   Long Reach Comfort Wipe
640-8172-0000   Long-Handled Bath Sponge
ICUM9000H   Lopez Enteral Valves
ICUM9000   Lopez Valve Enteral Valve
OTC20738   Loratadine Syrup
33042700   Loratadine Tablets
OTC265264   Loratadine Tablets
OTC0263566   Loratadine Tablets (Compare to Claritin)
MDS1412110   Lorna Towel Clamps
MDS4043202   Love-Gruenwald Laminectomy Rongeurs
LS9000   Low Air Loss Mattress System with Pulsation, Masonair - LS 9000
UNP642   Low Back Strip
MDSLOWBED   Low Bed Kits
MDR630254   Low Bed Panels
HCS8708M   Low Cost Regulators
NON022220C   Low Density Black and Clear Liners
NON022200   Low Density Black Liners, Black
NON022212   Low Density Clear Liners, Clear
COOK48PK   Low Density Mattress Bags
NON122433HH   Low Density Red/Biohazard Liners, Red
13023SVKIT   Low Hydraulic, Deluxe Silver Vein Kit
13023SV   Low Hydraulic, Deluxe Silver Vein Patient Lift
KNDCT0014   Low Lint Towel
MAL6LPC   Low Pressure Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube
MLK6DCT   Low Pressure Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube
62024300   Low Pro Seat Cushion, Gel-Pro
1R66LPC   LOW PROFILE - Single Compartment
RTL6120   Low Profile Amputee Seat
ORT13250XS   Low Profile Cervical Collars
2R88LPC   LOW PROFILE Cushion - Dual Compartment
HLM800KL   Low Profile Digital Floor Scale
MDS88000B1   Low-Suds Liquid Detergent - 1 Gallon Bottle
MDS88000B7   Low-Suds Liquid Detergent - 15 Gallon Drum
7953P   Lower Bed Bracket with Wall Bumper
LTV 1200/1150   LTV 1200/1150 Patient Circuits
LTVC   LTV Scooter / Office / Car Cushion
37002501   Lubricant, Spray Bottle - 8 oz.
MDS032290Z   Lubricating Jelly - Flip Top Tubes
MDS032273H   Lubricating Jelly - Foil Packs
29661400   Lubricating Jelly, sunmark - 3.75 oz.
DYND11903   Lubricious Hydrophilic Catheter Trays
OTC203964   Lubrifresh P.M. Ophthalmic Ointment
OTC81008   Lubriskin Lotion
MDS4420614   Lucae Dressing Forceps
NMPMLC01   Luer Adapter, Male to Male
CWC050005   Luer Lock Cap
B-D309604Z   Luer Lock Tip Syringes 10 ml
B-D309661Z   Luer Lock Tip Syringes 20 ml
B-D309650Z   Luer Lock Tip Syringes 30 ml
B-D309603Z   Luer Lock Tip Syringes 5 ml
TERSS30LTPK   Luer Lock Tip without Needle Pharmacy Trays
NPMJD10SH   Luer Slip Tip Syringes - 10ml
BDS309634   Luer-Lok Syringe - 20 G x 1
L60-RW   LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat
DM806   Lumbar & Ring Navy Cushion Set 4 Lumbar 2 Ring Cushions
8083   Lumbar Cushion
821617   Lumbar Cushion (Foam) 16X17 Lumex
GF8200   Lumbar Cushion Roll-Gel/Visco Lumex
SCOCB0100CHA   Lumbar Half Roll
DYNJTS4301   Lumbar Puncture Trays Adult
14114300   Lumbar Support Cushion, Foam - 13"x 14"
DM80   Lumbar Support Cushion, Navy Lumex
89353000   Lumbar Support w/ Compression Straps, ComfortForm
ORT57400L   Lumbo-Sacral Orthoses Braces, Black
89150   Lumex 18" PVC Shower Commode Chair with Adjustable Height
2195A-4   Lumex 3-In-1 Toilet Assist Commode W/ Back Bar (4/Cs)
89350   Lumex 30" PVC Bariatric Commode Bath Chair
LF2090   Lumex Bariatric Easy Lift STS
FR577RG401   Lumex Clinical Care Recliner
FR566G401   Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner
FR566DG401   Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner with Drop Arm
616370A-4   Lumex Dual Release 1" Junior Walker W/ 5" Wheels 4 Per Cs
LF1090   Lumex Easy Lift Patient Lifting STS - Bariatric
LF2020   Lumex Easy Lift STS
FR588W427   Lumex Electric Bariatric Recliner
FR587W401   Lumex Extra-Wide Clinical Care Recliner
LF1030   Lumex Hydraulic Lift
DSC250   Lumex Lift Scale for Lumex LF1050 and LF1090 Patient Lifts
FR565DG427   Lumex Preferred Care Drop-Arm Recliner
565G401   Lumex Preferred Care Recliner
565TG427   Lumex Preferred Care Tilt-in-Space Recliner
89100-KD   Lumex PVC Knock-Down Shower Commode Chair
8005   Lumex Shower Bed / Stretcher
LF1600   Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport
FR574G401   Lumex Three Position Recliner
71980-1633   Lumex Visco-elastic Memory Foam Mattress
603204E   Lumex Walker Pouch- Emerald Lumex
LT 2000   Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer
LT 3000   Luminator Posterior Gait Trainer
5710   Lumineb II Nebulizer Compressor
LUMLW36   Lumiscope Lead Wires
QUOA60810QP   Lung Performance Meter
20003400   Luxor Multimedia Cart
SC50LX   LX with CTS 12 AH 3
1144797   Lynx Battery Charger, On Board (2 AMP)
L-3B   Lynx L-3 - Blue
L-3R   Lynx L-3 - Red
1148158   Lynx L-3 and Lynx L-4 Bracket Accessory Kit w/ Hardware
L-3XB   Lynx L-3X - Blue
L-3XR   Lynx L-3X - Red
L-4B   Lynx L-4 - Blue
L-4R   Lynx L-4 - Red
MOL603020   Lyofoam A Adhesive Polyurethane Foam Dressing
SQB164845   LYOFOAM A Adhesive Polyurethane Foam Dressing
MOL603025   Lyofoam C Polyurethane Foam Dressing with Carbon
MOL603014   Lyofoam T Dressing
LGS04650   Lysol Disinfectant Spray
95524100   Lysol Hard Surface Disinfectant Foam - 24 oz. Aerosol Spray
SUL95029   Lysol I.C. Disinfectant Spray
SUL80027   Lysol I.C. Disinfectant Wipes
74284102   Lysol Toilet Cleaner - 32 oz.
IRCM22870-72   M-22 CGA870 Std. Valve - Pallet
IRCM4870-6   M-4 CGA870 Std. Valve
IRCM4870T-6   M-4 CGA870T Toggle Valve
IRCM6870-6   M-6 CGA870 Std. Valve
IRCM6870T-6   M-6 CGA870T Toggle Valve
IRCM60540-42   M-60 CGA540 Hand Wheel - Pallet
IRCM9870-6   M-9 CGA870 Std. Valve
IRCM9870T-6   M-9 CGA870T Toggle Valve
IRCM90540-42   M-90 CGA540 Hand Wheel - Pallet
IRCMD870-6   M-D CGA870 Std. Valve
IRCMD870T-6   M-D CGA870T Toggle Valve
IRCME870-81   M-E CGA870 Std. Valve - Pallet
IRCME870-6   M-E CGA870 Std. Valve - Six Pack
IRCME870T-6   M-E CGA870T Toggle Valve
IRCML6870-6   M-L6 CGA870 Std. Valve
IRCML6870T-6   M-L6 CGA870T Toggle Valve
37576400   M-Series Humidifer Chamber
HF2PCM2KIT   M2 Cylinder with Bag and Belt
HOL7736   m9 Cleaner / Decrystalizer
HOL7715M   m9 Odor Eliminator

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