Preferred Care Bed-Recliner

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The newest product in the Lumex line of Speciliaity Healthcare Seating, the Preferred Care Bed-Recliner is a revolutionary product designed specifically for:
  • Dialysis
  • Nocturnal Dialysis
  • Oncology
  • Cardiac Care
  • Same Day Surgery
  • Post-Operative Recovery
  • Any Time-Intensive Procedure
  • The Lumex Preferred Care Bed-Recliner combines patient comfort with ease of use by the caregiver. Unlike chairs covert into a "bed", the Lumex Preferred Care Bed-Recliner offers the comfort of a true bed with almost infinite number of seated/recline positions. A specially disgnied Sleep Surface and Flexible Overlay provide proper support and extreme comfort in any position. Ultra Quiet DC Motors allow the Preferred position of 8.9" Deck Height to 30" Deck Height (without Sleep Support and Overlay). This range of motion allows for easier care by the care giver in the full up position and helps prevent patient injuries in the low position. The bed deck can be lowered into a height of 8.9" from the floor.

    The positioning and height adjustment capability of the Preferred Care Recliner Bed makes it ideal for patient transfer from a wheelchair, stretcher or anther bed. The ability to have equipment at the same height helps to make patient transfer safer for both patient and caregiver.

    The almost infinite positioning capability of the Preferred Care Recliner Bed makes it ideal for use as a cardiac chair for recovering cardiac patients who have heart and respiratory illnesses. The chair can be made to serve as a fully reclined bed when needed, but can also be adjusted up, which provides relief to the lungs, increases circulation, as assists the patient in strain. Unlike hospital bed the Preferred Care Recliner Bed is easier to adjust with separate adjustable sections that support back, bottom, arms, and legs rather than a single mattress which typically does not adjust fully into a chair/recline position.

    The Sleep Surface and Lumex Overlay have been designed to maximize the comfort of the patient in all positions. Four corner straps secure the Elite Overlay to the Sleep Surface. The Sleep Surface is constructed of durable foam cover in Silvertex Fabric featuring Silverguard Silver Ion Technonlgy. For maximum durability and infection control, the epoxy coated frame features Silver Solutions. Integrated directly into the Finish, Silver Solutions kills more than 99.9% of the odor and stain causing bacteria. Non-allergenic, safe for the environment and lasts for the expected life of the bed.


  • Full and Reverse Trendelenburg Positions
  • Auto CPR Function
  • Infinite Positioning of Head and Foot Sections
  • Adjustable Leg-Lift System to Improve Circulation
  • No Pinch Points Within 200mm of Bed Perimeter
  • Rolling Clearance of 20mm Over Thresholds
  • Splash-Proof Electronics
  • Wall Bumper
  • Edema Foot Ratchet
  • Under Bed Light
  • Battery Back Up
  • The safety inspired embedded staff control in footboard is:
    • Angled for better visibility
    • Features Two-stage lockouts- lockout of pendant use and lockout of embedded staff control
    • Quick lockout buttons lock multiple functions simultaneously
    • SafeMode automatically locks out high/low feature (unless disabled)
  • Standard Under Bed Light for night-time safety.
  • Edema Foot Ratchet provides quick positioning for improved circulation in the patient's legs
  • The Cardiac Position is primarily designed for residents with heart and respiratory problems to whom a semi-erect position brings great relief.
  • Two-Pedal Locking System clearly indicates Red and Green Coded Locking System allows the bed to be locked at any height.
  • In case of a power failure, the Preferred Care Bed-Recliner motors include a battery assist to power the basic functions of the bed.
  • Sleep Position: Ideal for Sleeping and Patient Care
  • Recline/TV Position: Ideal for Resting, TV & Activities
  • Head-Up Position: Ideal for Resting and Treatment Initiation
  • Optional Half Length Assist Device and Assist Bars provide a sturdy and secure hand-hold to assist residents in and out of bed.
  • Half Length Assist Device-Warm to the Touch (ZA84200)
    • Warm-to-the-touch half-length assist device and pivot assist bars:
    • Move out of the way for lateral transfers


  • Mattress Deck Length: 80"
  • Mattress Deck Width: 35"
  • Overall Bed Length Without Wall Saver: 85.5" w/Head & Foot Boards
  • Overall Bed Width: 41.0" w/Assist Device and/or Assist Bar
  • Maximum Deck Height: 30"
  • Minimum Deck Height: 7"
  • Maximum Deck Height w/Sleep Surface & Overlay: 37.5"
  • Minimum Deck Height w/Sleep Surface & Overlay: 14.5"
  • Safe Workload (including resident, support surface & accessories): 600 lbs Max Weight capacity evenly distributed.
  • Warranty

  • Bed Frame: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Welds: Limited 15 Year Warranty
  • DC Electronic Components: Limited 3 Year Warranty
  • Head/Foot Boards: Limited 1 Year Warranty
  • Sleep Surface & Overlay: Limited 2 Year Warranty
  • Part Number(s):
    • AR981642


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