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Product Overview

The Joerns RecoverCare PrevaMatt series has undergone a complete transformation to create a portfolio of foam mattresses designed for comfort and safety all while providing pressure ulcer prevention. The expanded portfolio gives healthcare Providers a range of options to improve outcomes, reduce risks to both the caregiver and patient, and meet financial objectives.
  • Improve Clinical Outcomes - Excellent pressure redistribution aids in wound prevention
  • Reduce Risk of Injury - Standard safety features reduce fall risk and promote mobility
  • Reduce Financial Burden - Broad and diverse portfolio designed for quality and durability
When used as part of a Joerns bed system, our PrevaMatt mattresses are guaranteed to meet the guidelines set forth in the Hospital Bed System Dimensional and Assessment Guidance to Reduce Entrapment developed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup (HBSW).

PrevaMatt Series Features

  • Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) process:
  • Provides greatest consistency and highest quality mattress
  • Virtually zero-emissions manufacturing process that exceeds Clean Air Act requirements
  • Elimination of unnecessary chemicals results in purer material and can lead to improved durability
  • Open cell memory foam technology
  • Allows greater air flow resulting in more breathability and a cooler, drier patient experience
  • Materials less affected by fatigue- better height and support retention with faster recovery time
  • Surface Modification Technology (SMT)
  • Alterations in pattern, size of pattern, spacing between patterns and depth of cut to protect high risk areas
  • Zoned pressure redistribution with improved air circulation and maximized comfort
  • Partnership with Tempur-Pedic to provide genuine TEMPUR material on the PrevaMatt Alleviate
  • Reduces wound incidence rates
  • Treats up to Stage III uncomplicated pressure ulcers
  • Firm Perimeter
  • Provides edge of bed stability
  • Aids ingress and egress

PrevaMatt Enmerse Features

  • Firm perimeter and Tru-fit sizing help meet FDA/HBSW guidelines
  • Strategically located mattress base cuts promote easier flexing during bed frame articulation - reduces wear and tear to help extend mattress life
  • Multi-ply mattress with microspring SMT and true suspension SMT
  • 4-Way Stretch Zippered Cover and Fire Barrier
  • Specifications

  • Maximum Patient Weight: 500 lbs
  • Warranty

  • 7 year foam mattress warranty

    PrevaMatt Series Brochure

    1 Each / Each
Part Number(s):
  • PVEN-3576FLNA4SZP - 35" x 76"
  • PVEN-3676FLNA4SZP - 36" x 76"
  • PVEN-4276FLNA4SZP - 42" x 76"
  • PVEN-3580FLNA4SZP - 35" x 80"
  • PVEN-3680FLNA4SZP - 36" x 80"
  • PVEN-3980FLNA4SZP - 39" x 80"
  • PVEN-4280FLNA4SZP - 42" x 80"
  • PVEN-3584FLNA4SZP - 35" x 84"
  • PVEN-3684FLNA4SZP - 36" x 84"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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