Safe-T-Mate Anti-Rollback System

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Safe-T-Mate Anti-Rollback System helps minimize the occurrence of patient falls from wheelchairs. Patients often forget to apply the brakes when attempting to stand. Then they use the wheelchair for support and the wheelchair rolls away, causing them to fall. The Anti-Rollback System helps prevent accidents because it locks the wheels automatically when the patient begins to stand. It doesn't rely on batteries, so it can't fail. Standard system fits wheelchairs 16"-20"W. New wide system fits wheelchairs 22"-26"W.

Here's how it works

The Anti-Rollback System attaches to the rear of most sling-seat wheelchairs. Its seat lever makes direct contact with the underside of the seat and is mechanically linked to the brake arms. As the patient begins stand, the brake seat lever "senses" the absence of the patient's weight. This causes the brake arms to clamp down on the wheels, helping stop the chair from rolling backward. The moment the patient is seated, the brake arms automatically unlock so the chair can roll freely. The attendant can still push the empty chair forward, even though it is locked against backward movement. Optional Alarm is triggered by a switch linked to the seat lever. The alarm is out of reach and cannot be disengaged by the patient. Alarm requires 9V batteries, sold separately.


This device works only with sling-seat wheelchairs. The use of wooden solid-seat inserts and drop seats will interfere with the safe operation of this product. Periodic inspection to ensure proper adjustment is recommended.
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Part Number(s):
  • 65333 - Anti-Rollback System, Standard, 16"-20" Wheelchair
  • 65336 - Anti Rollback System and Alarm, Wide, 22"-24" Wheelchair
  • 65334 - Alarm Only


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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