Silvertouch Foley Catheter ERASE CAUTI Trays

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Product Overview

  • Medline's ERASE CAUTI program is designed to meet the challenges healthcare professionals face with both clinical and educational resources.
  • The newly designed, 1-layer ERASE CAUTI tray is designed to lead the clinician through the insertion process at the patient bedside.
  • The tray includes a patient education card, foley securement device, 3-pk. PVP swabsticks, 10ml inflation syringe, lubricating jelly, specimen container, wrapped Aloetouch 3G gloves, moisture-proof underpad, fenestrated drape, Foley InserTag and hand sanitizer packet.
  • Our Silvertouch 100% Silicone Foley Catheter is latex-free and incorporates the power of silver through a patented process that binds silver ions to the catheter's lubricious coating.
  • The hydrophilic coating is covalently bonded to the catheter surface, hydrates quickly, and maintains its lubricity, helping to reduce friction and irritation.
  • Available in 14, 16 or 18 Fr 10 ml Silvertouch catheter pre-connected to a 2000 ml drain bag with anti-reflux tower.
  • Also available in 14, 16 or 18 Fr 10 ml Silvertouch catheter pre-connected to a 400 ml urine meter and 2500ml drain bag.
  • Sterile.

    10 EA / CS, 1 CS / CS
  • Part Number(s):
    • DYND160416


    (No reviews yet) Write a Review

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