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Product Overview

The SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator

SimplyGo is the only portable oxygen concentrator (POC) to offer continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in one lightweight device, weighing only ten pounds. That means you can now manage the therapy and lifestyle needs of nearly all of your patients with just one POC. With a long-life compressor, high-quality parts, a high-impact resistant design, and oversized cart wheels, this portable oxygen concentrator was built to set new standards of ruggedness. During development, SimplyGo was rigorously tested and subjected to extreme conditions including impacts, vibrations, and temperatures to deliver reliable performance day in and day out.

Built-in reliability

SimplyGo strives to set a new standard in POC reliability. Designed, built, and rigorously tested to withstand the bumps and bangs of everyday life, SimplyGo can be counted on to perform reliably in real-world use day in and day out. That should mean fewer call backs for you and fewer frustrations for your patients due to accidental damage.

At Home or Abroad

The supplemental battery and AC/DC power options make it easy for patients to go just about anywhere without fear of running out of oxygen. Approved for use onboard aircraft by FAA. View the link below for a list of airlines which allow the use of the SimplyGo portable concentrator

Why Rent When You Can Own?

Thanks to the new SimplyGo's price point, users that had been renting an oxygen concentrator for home use can now afford to purchase a brand new machine. The benefits of owning a brand new machine are numerous but the main reasons to do so are that you do not have to deal with an older used machine, the new concentrators come standard with a 3 year warranty, and after about 4-6 months worth of use the machine pays for itself when compared to what most users pay to rent one each month.


  • Long-life compressor
  • Rugged chassis design and high-impact outer shell
  • Handy fold-up cart with six-inch wheels
  • Continuous Flow Settings: 0.5 LPM, 1 LPM, 1.5 LPM, 2 LPM
  • Pulse Dose Settings: (1 - 6 LPM)
  • Sleep Mode: For oxygen patients who need higher pulse settings at night, SimplyGo's Sleep mode provides increased trigger sensitivity and a softer pulse for exceptional comfort.
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Offers a choice of warranties
  • Approved for use in flight by the FAA. Learn more about Traveling with Oxygen

Included with Your Purchase

  • One Rechargeable Battery
  • SimplyGo AC Power Supply with Cord
  • SimplyGo DC Car Charger
  • SimplyGo Accessory Case
  • SimplyGo Mobile Cart

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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