Soft Comfort Hot and Cold Packs

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Frost-free hot and cols packs for superior relief. The perfect solution to help relieve strains, sprains headaches and other soft-tissue injuries. These versatile packs can be warmed in the microwave to help relax muscles and increase blood flow or cooled in the freezer to help reduce swelling, reduce blood flow and promote healing. Gentle on skin and does not need to be wrapped in a towel. How more fill than traditional packs to retain cold and heat longer. Long-lasting, reusable and filled with nontoxic, biodegradable fill.

1 Each / Each
Part Number(s):
  • 95ACC549 - Small, 5" x 3"
  • 95ACC550 - Medium, 10" x 6
  • 95ACC551 - Large, 13" x 10"
  • 95ACC552 - Cervical, 20" x 6"
  • 95ACC554 - Tri-Sectional, 15" x 11"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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