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The Medline Microfiber Advantage


Medline Model #MDT217720 MicroMax G2 Microfiber Mope

Durable, versatile and simple to use are the key features that Medline's microfiber products offer. They leave the surfaces at your facility sparkling clean and reduce the risk of cross contamination. Medline has a variety of microfiber products that range from glass towels, high dusters and mops that are perfect for your cleaning needs.

Of the many reasons to choose microfiber, there are five that stand out:

1)      Strong, lint-free, ultra-fine fiber

2)      Polyester/polyamide fibers that are split to 1/16 the diameter of a human hair for exceptional performance

3)      A dense matrix that enables microfiber products to hold six times their own weight in fluid

4)      Splitting fibers creates hundreds of thousands of microscopic channels that capture, absorb and remove dust

5)      Positively charged microfibers attract negatively charged dust and dirt for improved cleaning performance

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Author: Cascade Healthcare